Monday, December 22, 2008

Further Proof

I'm spending the week at home with the fam, so I honestly don't expect to get too much blogging done in the immediate future. Still, I was just treated to an unexpected slice of awesome this afternoon, and I felt like sharing.

Well, more specifically, I felt like bragging.

My friend Denika - who, you may remember, provided me with my swanky new banner art, a place to stay over Nerdaplooza weekend, and, well, a veritable grocery list of other niceties over the past couple of years - sent a surprise parcel my way. It contained one of MC Frontalot's new Final Boss t-shirts autographed by the man himself for little ol' me! How fuckin' cool is that?

Denika's boyfriend Dennis did the back cover art for Frontalot's most recent album, and she also spent a good bit of time snapping photos of Front and the other artists at 'Palooza, so you could say she is down with the Godfather. And apparently on his most recent stop-over in O-town she decided to give me the hook-up via signed swag.

Further proof, faithful readers, that my friends are awesome.

Now quick, head over to the Joined at the Stitch Etsy store and buy some zombie art. We all know you have some morbid last minute Christmas shopping to do!


Church said...

methinks you need a 'bragging' tag. /jealous...

Joined at the Stitch said...

Don't send them to the shop!
I've been putting all new art in the BOLD HYPE gallery and not updating etsy.

I don't know if I'll do crafty zombie stuff anytime soon.

sorry about your lack of zombie footwear :(