Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Bob Hope is a Vampire (and Other Simple Truths)

I am a lazy, lazy man. In fact, it could be argued that this is my defining characteristic. In all honesty, it is from this rather unfortunate trait that things like my Nerd News in Brief segment arose. I get lots of tips and leaks and links in an average week, and rather than ration them out to you in bite-sized chunks, I simply elected to slap 'em all together and give you a whole meal. mostly 'cause it was easier for me.

But some things can't wait. Some things are time sensitive.

Such is the case with the new Tom Riddle and Friends single currently being featured at the Wizrocklopedia. "Nagini's Lullaby," from their forthcoming Wizard Rock EP of the Month Club release Bob Hope is a Vampire is available for free download compliments of your friends at the 'Pedia, but only for a few more hours.

So head over there forthwith and get to WRockin'!

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Lizz said...

I appreciate your laziness. Hahaha. :)