Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Nerd News in Brief

So it looks like the Large Hadron Collider didn’t destroy the Earth.

(Or, at least it hadn’t when last I checked.)

So we got that going for us. Which is nice.

Despite the trappings of my simple southern raising, I don’t fear science. Nor do I, as a rule, embrace superstition and hokum. Don’t get me wrong, I adore superstition and hokum – I find them ceaselessly amusing – I just don’t exactly, y’know, believe any of it.

I guess I’m the worst brand of skeptic: the kind who wants desperately to believe in the fantastic, but just can’t seem to find sufficient evidence.

In the end, science is the foot that kicks magic square in the nuts.

  • Earth-shattering in its Own Right: This week I interviewed Toren Atkinson of The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets for GeekDad. I’m a big Thickets fan and he’s been on my to-interview list for years. Thusly, it was a pretty fuckin’ awesome experience for me a as fan. Lemme know what you think.
  • Beef up Your Musical Gamer Score: Attack Slug has just favored the nerdcore world with another release, and it features the additional talents of KABUTO, T.Y.T., and The Ranger. It is titled Achievement Unlocked, and you can pick it up the album and relevant a cappellas at his site.
  • AKA Grover Kent: My pal Glenn Case has hipped me to a new project over at The 61. It’s a tribute of sorts to 61 scenester Supergrover, as well as to his favorite-band-that-no-one’s-heard-of For Squirrels. Thirteen years ago this week that promising group lost several of its members in an auto accident, and earlier this year ‘Grover was diagnosed with cancer. This one is for them and for anyone else who’s had a run of bad luck. Namely all of us. 
  • To Beef or Not to Beef: Also helping out his fellow man is mc chris. mc has started a cystic fibrosis fund to gather money for research into the disease and its treatment. In celebration of chris’s birthday, YTCracker donated $33 to the cause. mc chris responded by saying that it was "the quickest possible way to squash beef with [him]. STC is the greatest. "
  • Brooklyn Zoo: mc also shared a bit about his recent 60 Minutes interview. It has come to light that MC Frontalot was also involved in the piece, although Front has yet to say anything about the experience.
  • Get Inoculated: What Front has provided is a little video preview of the track "Diseases of Yore" from his new album Final Boss. It features Jonathan Coulton. And is awesome.
  • Formally Known Food Processor Magazine: You can see Frontalot, Random, and a rogues gallery of other featured artists from this year’s Nerdapalooza SE in this month’s edition of Blender. It has the Pussycat Dolls on the cover. That is counterintuitive.
  • Game On: And on the subject of my friend Random, Church points out that Ran topped the charts in this recent Examiner list of the top 10 videogame sampling hip-hop tracks. Suffice it to say he finds himself in good company.
  • BAHston: This week Uncle Monsterface returns to its old stomping ground. Sort of. On Thursday, September 11th several "Best of Monsterface Tee Vee" shorts will be featured as part of EXPERIMENTALLY ILL 2 : An Indie Showcase of Alternative Film at the Coolidge Corner Theater. And on Friday, September 12th you can catch UMF’s Marty playing a solo gig at Jamaica Plain's Midway Café. And don’t forget to pahk the cahr at Hahvahd yahd.
  • Potter Ink: And thanks to Matt for providing ample information regarding this wicked cool Harry Potter Dewey Decimal tat belonging to librarian and WRock aficionado Becca. It turns out, unsurprisingly, that Becca is one of the Wizrockateers. What can I say? Matt has a marked interest in the naked flesh of Potter fangirls. You heard it here first!
  • They Are the World: And lastly, HiTekElvis has just favored me with an amazing vid from this year’s PAX. Apparently, during the artist's panel Blak Lotus, suggested they all sing "We Are the World." And they did. So behold The Minibosses, Mustin from the OneUps, JoCo, Front, Blak Lotus, G Minor 7, The Categorical Imperative, Freezepop, The Darkness of the Hillside Thickets, and Anamanaguchi singing for the children. They are the ones who make a brighter day!


Matt said...

wait a second. I just took note of an interesting tattoo. Church is still the source of record when it comes to geek flesh.

Luzid said...

Same here, Z - the concept of gods-n-ghosts stuff fascinates me, but the utter lack of evidence for any of it means it's ridiculous to actually *believe* they exist.

And for the record, I remember when For Squirrels had their first radio hit ("Mighty K.C."). I was at FSU in Tallahassee at the time, and I loved that song (still do, despite the god reference).

Matt said...

"reality is those things that don't go away when you stop believing in them" - Philip K Dick

"if they don't go away, you haven't stopped believing in them" - me

Fuck Aristotle.

Hack Reality!!!

Z. said...

There's no use denying it, Matt! :)

I too remember "Mighty K.C.," Luzid. I believe that was "back in the day."