Thursday, September 04, 2008

Nerd News in Brief

Earlier this week I was quoted by Wil Wheaton.

No shit; a veritable Geek God referenced me! How cool is that?

Now when I say "Geek God," I want you to know that I’m not speaking lightly. Wil is on a higher plain than us mere nerdlings.

Matt and Church asked if that made them a measly 2 degrees away from our dear Gordie Lachance, but I refused to hear it. We are all 1 degree from WFW. He is our benevolent deity of all things geek.

Thy Wil be done. Thy Wheaton come.

Wow. That sounded a bit grosser than intended.

  • First Things First: I've made no secret of my sorrow over the break-up of Optimus Rhyme. I've also made no secret of the length's I'll go to in order to procure audio/video footage from their final gig. Thankfully, fellow fan CR_Gus was nice enough to post the entire set (sans encores) to so that we all may enjoy it. And I didn't even have to do anything distasteful to see it!
  • Return of the King: It is with great pleasure that I announce that my comrade in arms from the house of Nerdcore News has returned! It's so nice to see him again. Okay, not see, per se, as this edition of the vlog is audio-only, but you get the idea. Welcome back, Gabriel!
  • Up and About: Also returning to the fold is MC Tanuki. After an automobile accident that put him out of commission for quite a while, Nook is back in the saddle again. Glad to hear you’re back among the lining, brother!
  • Trekkies Wanted: Church asked me to put the word out on behalf of the Trek constituents that Floridian photographer Jon Fletcher is looking for Jacksonville area fans. I’m assuming he wants to take your picture. Although I suppose he may just want to use your skin to make a coat.
  • When Nerds Collide: As announced at PAX, the soon-to-be released Rock Band downloadale content from MC Frontalot ("Livin’ At the Corner of Dude and Catastrophe") will be joined in a nerdy all-star song pack by tracks from Jonathan Coulton and The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets. Even better, the proceeds from the sales of the songs from launch to Holiday 2008 will be donated to the Child's Play charity. In a related story, I totally fuckin’ called it.
  • Post-Punk Basic Cable Rap: At long last, MC Lars’s commercial from G4’s new "It’s a Nerd’s World" campaign has hit the airwaves. Very nice! All we’re missing now is Del’s spot.
  • Murder in the 2nd: And while you’re kicking around at the G4 site, check out this little jewel. Church noticed that they have a piece about how Dr. Dooom has killed Dr. Octagon. Again. Y’know, ‘cause the first one didn’t take.
  • In the Name of Gordon: My pal Antisocial has just completed work on his new album Anomalous Materials Laboratory. It will boast all of Soc’s Half Life-themed tracks, as well as a number of sci-fi-flavored instrumentals. It’s release date? "Sometime in October. Probably very early October."
  • No Super-Ego, Just id: id obelus has a new project in the works. It's currently goes by the delightful title The Inevitable Crushing EP, and the touted release date is "soon." This one will feature id's trademark smart and occasionally snarky rhymes, as well as contributions from the likes of Nomar Slevik, Oblio, nYgel, Benjamin Bear, DJ Bizkid, Audio88, Noah23, and LogicOne. And I, for one, can't wait.
  • Proper Pronunciation a Must: Also bringing some new hotness to the table is killsaly. Once again ks is putting his mark on an mc chris track, this time "Reese" from the mc chris is dead album. You are urged to take a listen.
  • Still Your Medic: And Captain Spalding has added yet another track to his MySpace, “All Hands on Deck.” At long last, nerdcore gets nautical. Not really.
  • Where’s Starbuck?: Thanks go out to Matt for turning me on to this delightful nugget of political precision. John McCain is a Cylon. Seriously.
  • Meet Your Replacement: Word on the street is MC Loki will be filling the vacancy left in the wake of Shelshocker's departure from the Sinister Six. Now it's only a question of when. Yes, when will the long-awaited Sinister Six project come to completion? Until that time we wait. With baited breath.
  • From the Heartland: Also from the mind of Mad Hatter and his Scrub Club compatriots comes the Midwest Nerd Fest. Slated for March 20-22 in Wichita, Kansas, this festival will feature music, games, trivia, and pretty much everything else you can think of. I had sort of been putting off talking about this project until the details had fully solidified, but, as Hatter just keeps adding more and more amazing shit to the mix, I figured it was well past time I mentioned it.
  • The Cube, the Cake: Taking us home today is a fine selection from the PAX ’08 stage. It’s Jonathan Coulton and the lovely Penny… er, Felicia Day with "Still Alive." Enjoy.


Sangriaa said...

My heart is broken again. Awww.. Z.. *sniffle*

killsaly said...

Thats awesome you got a mention from Wil. One can only dream...
And thanks for the song plug!

Matt said...

Wil Wheaton Throws Saves.

Emily said...

Its great you got a mention from wil
thanks for your video

Ms Nikki Nefarious said...

aww yay!! I knew you were cool! I even wrote about it on my blog ;)

Z. said...

I'll make a deal with you Sanny; y'all set up an RSS feed and I will totally add VDiP to the sidebar links! :)

Thanks, ks, and don't mention it.

That's our bumper sticker right there, Matt.

Thanks, Emily, it was sort of surreal.

I love you, Nik!

Jesse Dangerously said...

Whoah wait WHAT happened to Tanuki? He's okay? I should read the internet more often. Well no I shouldn't but STILL!!!

Z. said...

Yeah, dude, he got... well, there's the inevitable raccoon parallel I could draw here, but I’ll spare you. Sounds like he’s doing better now though.