Friday, August 29, 2008

Nerd News in Brief

We're currently staring down the barrel of PAX weekend.

I'm not going, but I'm not jealous of those of you who are. Fuckers!

Okay, maybe I'm a little envious.

Still, since everyone else is in full-on PAX mode already, I'm gonna shy away from the subject a bit. I mean, y'all know the deal. But I just want to say if anyone comes around selling cookies while you're in line for an event, buy one. It's for a good cause.

  • How Did We Get Here?: In his continuing mission to educate and enlighten, Church has found the following: A Short Illustrated History of the Nerd. Take a gander, and relive the history of our tribe.
  • Risking His Life: A new video for Wordburglar's track "The Route" from his Burglaritis album has made its way onto YouTube. Check it out to get the skinny on the life of a Halifax paperboy. It ain't all sunshine and Arby’s coupons.
  • More Mainstream Nerd Fascination: mc chris recently announced that he will be filmed at his September 7th show for a 60 Minutes piece on "nerd culture and nerdcore." Given mc’s anti-nerdcore stance of late, it seems an odd pairing, but I don’t reckon we can expect a man to turn down an appearance on 60 Minutes!
  • HOLY FUCKING SHIT!: In what can only be described as great news, my pal Random‘s track "Granny Smith" (from his new release The 8th Day) was chosen as the underground track of the week at Hip-Hop Linguistics. In what can only be described as the new biggest news ever, Ran has also just announced that he will be opening for Common on September 13th at the Marquee Theater in Tempe, AZ. Yes, Common! And to sweeten the deal, Ran is pressing a limited edition Mega Ran 3.0 including new artwork and remixes that will be sold at the gig for $5.
  • "Would you like french fries with that?": Another artist revisiting his old material is Captain Spalding. Cap has parodied his own Team Fortress 2 anthem "I'm Your Medic" as "I'm Your Sandvich." Even with the added carbs, it's still a good time.
  • Number 1 with a Bullet: I have already spent some quality time with nYgel's newly released mixtape Free To Good Home. It is imminently enjoyable. So much so that I'll be reviewing it in the near future. In the meantime, check out the accompanying vid for his remix "Sugar, We're Slowin' Down." The delicate combination of deer people and mall-punk has never been more entertaining.
  • The Joys of Secrecy: The concept of the clanDestine project is simple: release a new track under an alias. It’s an interesting undertaking for those looking to experiment, or simply gauge to audience reaction to a song itself rather than the name attached to it. So what’s your pleasure? Grignak? Deemeetree? Inspector Madshit? Why not check ‘em all out?
  • Don’t Turn Your Back on the City: The Protomen have just released a demo for the recently leaked "Breaking Out." The song is described, in typical Protomen fashion, as "the opening track for side II of Act II (our upcoming sophomoric release). It debuts the second of the two themes of the album; the counterpoint to the whole of side 1. If side one is a Spaghetti Western gone Robocop, then side two is Streets of Fire gone Logan’s Run. A dirty 1980s future where Spandex is tough and an alleyway knife fight is the only justice a man needs." Uh... yeah.
  • Fucked Up… In a Good Way: Shael Riley and The Grammar Club recently got a little love from Destructoid (along with a number of other ReMixers). The entire post is actually really entertaining, and it spotlights a number of great tracks you may’ve missed. (djpretzel’s "Hillbilly Rodeo" anyone?) So take a look. Hopefully followed by a listen.
  • Wizards vs. Vampires: Last week Matt hipped me to this post at the ‘Pedia referencing an piece on the feud between the WRock and Twi-rock scenes. (Personally, it seemed a little half-baked to me, as the first Twi-rock band I ever heard was actually fronted by a WRocker, but I digress.) Church then countered with two more references to the fan rivalry that proved a bit more character-driven. All this cranking over the best nerd fic series on which to center one’s musical creativity brings up a number of interesting questions, but, unfortunately, Lords of the Rhymes were unavailable for comment. ;)
  • Trock You Like a Hurricane: In a quasi-related story, the answer to the question how could I love Wizard Rockers RiddleTM any more than I already do has been answered with the response if they started a Time Lord Rock band, you stupid bastard. Behold The Geek Chic Band (otherwise known as Victoria and Georgia) with "The Doctor." It makes my hearts skip a beat.


Navid said...

Much props to Random!


Denika said...

Those ladies are full of WIN! indeed.

Z. said...

Props for sure, myf. Ran is moving on up!

Glad you like 'em, Den. :)

Antisoc said...

Those girls are awesome. I could probably get into this Timelord rock subsubgenre. Heck, my next song may very well be about DNA reconfiguration.

Z. said...

Do it, Soc! Do it!