Monday, August 18, 2008

Nerd News In Brief

I stand corrected; there are no Bigfoots in Georgia.

Anyone familiar with my love of pseudoscience and all flavors of hokum surely must realize how excited I was over the prospect of a real live dead Bigfoot in my own general locality. But now it looks like just another scam.

Still, I think anyone who's ever hit up a show at the 40 Watt can agree that there's some kind of mythical creature loose in GA.

Though it could just be a particularly hirsute townie.
  • In Case You Missed It: Glenn Case is a machine, a one-man musical mechanism that spits out wicked tracks. Case in point: in recent weeks Glenn has produced 2 separate album-a-days. No foolin'! Download So, Be Yourself and Waterfall of Consciousness today, and enjoy the musical madness.
  • Genitals: Though I've already mentioned this in the latest RFH, I thought I'd toss a little love in the direction of Nina and Sangriaa re: their new Vagina Deep in Podcast project. It's funny, geeky, sexy slice-of-life 'cast that demands your attention. No vagina required.
  • And Now Cleavage: We also have a new helping of nerd ink, compliments of the former MC Router. It appears as though she's added health and mana potions to her chest piece. Check it out.
  • I Got the Music in Me: At long last, the instrumentals from Random's Mega Ran album are available for download. Pick them up at Capcom music and community site Capcom Unity, and then make me some fresh mash-ups. Please.
  • Song Fighters: Congrats to Emergency Pizza Party and my boy funky49 on their recent win at Tampa's Song Fight! Live. You can check out their winning track "Calico Alley" and the tale of its creation over at funk's site.
  • iTunage: And speaking of funky49, you can now purchase his latest release Starblazer on iTunes. And you probably should.
  • Wait… Pitchfork?!: Let me join Ant and Doc Pop in urging you to check out the chiptune documentary Reformat the Planet for free over at Pitchfork. Yep, you can watch the whole thing for free. But only for one week, so get to crackin'!
  • It's Magical: Another doc that's currently making the geeky rounds is We Are Wizards, and its theatrical release has finally been announced. The film opens in NYC at the Cinema Village on November 14, 2008, with other cities sure to follow. Hit the 'Pedia for further info.
  • Get elevated: Also new on the documentary front is the release of the official Nerdcore Rising soundtrack. All 15 tracks of nerdy goodness ship for under $13. I also hear it cures warts. I'm just sayin'.
  • You Know the Rules: And wrapping thing up, Church Barack Rolled me. And all I can do is share my pain.


Denika said...

News from my pals at A Comic Shop in Orlando: they are meeting with Marvel DC today to get sponsorship for Nerdapalooza 09'! Wish them luck.

Church said...

Holy Crap, Batman!

I'll cross my Bat-fingers.

'nuff said.

antisoc said...

That Barack Roll thing is great. Also that chiptune documentary is pretty awesome as well.

antisoc said...

Hmmm... I the ytcracker - NES vs megaran - bubble man mashup seems like an easy target... ooh this is working nicely :)

Z. said...

That is great news, Denika! Tell the guys we're pulling for 'em.

And, Soc, I'll expect that mash-up soon. :)

funky49 said...

that video is great!!!

Denika said...

Do not think me a total n00b. There should be an "and" between Marvel and DC. I know they are two completely different publishers ;)

Z. said...

We know you better than that, Den. :)