Thursday, July 31, 2008

Nerd News In Brief

It’s been one of those weeks at work where I feel totally unmotivated.

Actually, I reckon that describes all my weeks at work. What can I say? I am nothing if not consistent.

Thankfully, Matt has found a new position for me at a forward-thinking firm that values my unique strengths.

Graphs and shit are forthcoming.

  • An open letter to Sanrio: You guys really need to put a stop to this shit. True, it provides Church with a never-ending supply of nerd ink links to hit me with, but I’m afraid it’s strayed into the realm of the ridiculous.
  • Not nerdy, just news: Earlier this week I received a message from mash-up masterminds Phoenix Jukebox. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one, but that doesn’t make me love them any less. Hit their MySpace for samples, and sleep content in the knowledge that they’ll pop up on Radio Free Hipster soon.
  • Cross-Wired: Last Saturday Wired’s Listening Post dropped an interesting interview with Dan Lamoureux about his Nerdcore For Life documentary. Be sure to check the comments for an additional measure of vitriol from both sides of the stylistic fence. Oh, and I’m expecting a diss track from writer Angela Watercutter for scooping her 4 days prior re: the PAX screening. It’s on like this.
  • Clash of the Titans: Myf and SDX recently kicked off a 5 round rap battle at the new Rhyme Torrents. Dragon seemed to be the winner of the first round (by a slim margin), with the second coming… uh… soon? I sure as hell hope so.
  • Heartbroken: Matt regretfully informed me that WRock outfit Ginny and the Heartbreakers have just announced their break-up. As the girls were among the first WRockers to agree to be on the Old Nerdy Bastard comp, I hold a special affection for the group. WRock just won’t be the same without ‘em.
  • 8 days a week: With the release of Random’s The 8th Day a mere week away, Ran has announced a limited edition of the album. This rare DVD-case release is limited to 88 units, and boasts additional artwork, liner notes, and a poem. Plus, if you play your cards right, you can get it a bit earlier then the standard release. This is only open to members of Ran’s Yahoo! group, so join up and get in while the gettin’ is good.
  • In a related story: If you’re looking for a taste of what this new album offers, check out Chicago hip-hop blog Fake Shore Drive for a leak of the track “Exhale” featuring Naledge of Kidz in the Hall and scratching by DJ Akshun. You have nothing to lose but your summertime blues.
  • The gorilla, the gaucho, the cap’n, and the rest: For those of us outside their native Dallas-Forth Worth area, the dapper gents of the Rivercrest Yacht Club were nice enough to post videos of their latest gig to YouTube. Apparently the former MC Router was also performing at Lola’s on the evening in question. It’s a small world after all.
  • He wants your whole set: And while you’re ‘Tubin,’ check out the latest submission from Doctor Popular. Doc has taken up the WuChess Video Challenge, and it demands your immediate attention. Be sure to give him ample love. The Ken Burns effect reference alone is worth some acknowledgement.
  • Bead sprites, chiptunes, and other local delicacies: And now onto news of another doctor, Doctor Octoroc. Most of you know Doc Oc for his excellent chiptune contributions to various GM4A compilations (not to mention his phenomenal cover art for their Here Comes A New Challenger release), but did you know he’s also a crafter? Check out his newly revamped site for info on his beautiful, handmade bead sprites. Then head over to Etsy and buy stuff!
  • Genghis Con: And if you find yourself at either of the major Baltimore geek conventions in the immediate future – Otakon (Aug. 8th–10th) or 32 Bit Genocide (Aug. 16th) – look for Octoroc plying his wares. He’ll be I attendance, what about the rest of you?
  • Do you find yourself not knowing the words to songs?: This week’s closing video comes courtesy of Church. He found the following ad for over at, and shared it with me. And now I shall share it with you. May the circle be unbroken.


Kashky said...

That tattoo is ridiculously bad. Two thumbs down!

/has 2 Hello Kitty tattoos (ok, Hello Kitty and her sister, but I'm getting technical here), neither of which involve weaponry

PS: The stickers arrived and it was totally so exciting!

Z. said...

Why am I not surprised that you have HK ink, Kash? ;)

And glad the stickers made it there safe!

Doctor Popular said...

Thanks for mentioning the WuChess video, I'm happy to see someone get the Burns reference. I suppose I should have said "I'm slowly zooming in and to the side, like the Ken Burns effect".
My buddy AllAboutGeorge also maded an internet television for WuChess:

Speaking of AllAboutGeorge, here is some more news

Church said...

Huh. I think HK tats only work if there is some incongruous item involved.

Chococat, on the other hand, stands alone.

Doctor Popular said...

sort of bummed that no-one else has entered the WuChess rap contest. I thought it might resonate with our crowd, guess not.

Z. said...

To be so goddamn packed with smart people, the WWW sure seems to miss all the good references, Doc. It's like every time I make metaphysical conceit: nuthin'! And thanks for turning me on to AllAboutGeorge. I totally see how your styles could mesh.

I'm a little surprised that YT, Myf, or Karl didn't jump on the WuChess thing as well.