Monday, July 14, 2008

The MC Lars Show

Whether you call his music nerdcore hip-hop or post-punk laptop rap, if you’re reading this blog chances are you’re a fan of MC Lars. With lyrics touching on everything from internet relationships to Moby Dick, Lars is geeky rapper who always manages to make his rhymes accessible and truly enjoyable. He is also – and I’m sure others who have interacted with him can back me up on this – a totally amiable and wholly courteous cat.

For those among you who’d like to experience the subtle charms of the man we call Lars while simultaneously enjoying his first class lyricism, I humbly suggest you check out the MC Lars Live channel at It features a weekly freestyle show in which he uses topics from the chat room as the basis for his characteristically witty (and utterly improvised) rhymes, and it just so happens that this week’s show is scheduled at 9:00 PM PST tonight.

So tune in and give Lars some love, some support, and some song ideas.

I’m sure he’d watch your Ustream show!


Ham-STAR said...

What fun! It reminds me a lot the Skypher stuff we used to do, only with more famous people and video and stuff.

Z. said...

Yeah, it's a pretty standard concept - Random does a "show me what's in your pockets" freestyle live - but I think Lars pulls it together well.