Monday, June 23, 2008

Radio Free Hipster Ep. 47: Even the Losers

Ah, the lovable loser: a nerd archetype all its own!

Seriously, though, I sort of worry about saying an episode is “loser-themed.” I mean, will my (often unwitting) contributors not find that a little insulting?

I hope not.

In truth, I think this is one of my favorite episodes of the podcast thus far. Sure, the levels of my voiceovers are kinda shit – I tried a new mic setup that merely seemed to highlight my late-spring allergy voice – but, musically-speaking, I think it’s top notch. Because of the musical selections presented, the whole ep. seems to have this air of triumph, despite my constant references to failure.

I really dig it, and I hope you dig it too.

Download Radio Free Hipster Ep. 47: Even the Losers [hosting provided by Antisocial] Size: 46.6 MB Running Time: 50:56

Show Notes:

Intro: Baddd Spellah – “Radio Free Hipster Theme (feat. Beefy)”
These lads? They’re winners!

Track 1: Brother Machine – “Every Day of the Week
I’m not sure of Brother Machine’s nerdity, but he does know Glenn. I reckon that makes him a geek by association.

Z’s 1st interlude: “Insignificant, undesirable, or just plain sub-par.”
Which is, coincidentally, the name of my autobiography.

Track 2: The Illuminoids – “Lugosi's Mongoloid Loser (Beck vs. Devo vs. Bauhaus)”
I copped this from the Mashup Town 2007 best-of. I’ve been waiting half a year to use it!

Track 3: Totally Radd!! – “The Bobby Song”
Was there a lot more wang in this show than usual? It seems a little wang-y.

Track 4: Southside – “Quite Yer Job”
The fact that Southside included references to the company picnic as well as pilfered paper “from every department” pretty much means this track is made of win.

Track 5: Uncle Monsterface – “Kill Your Boyfriend!”
As I mentioned before, this might be my new favorite Uncle Monsterface track.

Track 6: The Aquabats – “Pizza Day”
Li’l X. loves Yo Gabba Gabba!, and because of this I find myself listening to a lot more Aquabats of late.

Track 7: Lauren Fairweather – “Engines Make Me Hot”
I like that some WRockers are going out their way to write non-Potter-related material. I love that Lauren chose to write about Firefly!

Z’s 2nd interlude: “The story of a broken-hearted and broken-down (Mister) Marty Allen.”
I have in my possession the demo for “Kill Your Boyfriend.” Sure, it sounds a lot like the final studio version, but it’s one of those cool exclusive perks that make being a nerdy music blogger so oddly rewarding.

Track 8: Leigh3 – “GWP”
“I got my guitar and a bottle o’ wine and a porno magazine!”

Track 9: Computerization – “Fukuwinicu
Computerization’s self-titled album is now available for free MP3 download. What, you didn’t know that?

Track 10: mc chris – “fallyn” / Angus dialog
I’m really enjoying mc chris is dead a lot more than I did initially. The backings are sort of, well, I think mCRT described them as J-pop. Still, while the first few songs didn’t grab me, I think the second half of the disc is pretty damn good.

Track 11: The Whomping Willows – “Wizard Rock Heartthrob”
I finally broke down and bought Whompy’s Rock N’ Roll Redux. It’s, like, 6 bucks and comes highly recommended.

Track 12: The Butterbeer Experience – “Basically the Man”
Lena of The Butterbeer Experience has probably my favorite voice in WRock. She’s also currently taking pre-order for her new disc Accio Hot Guy.

Z’s final interlude: “You get to a bad place in your life and it’s easier just to dig in deeper than to try and climb out.”
When I try to come off profound I very often just end up sounding like a hick. I can’t imagine that surprises anyone but me.

Track 13: The Streets – “Empty Cans”
An odd aside: what is it with you Brits and your Reebok Classics? Seriously.

It looks like I might actually be able to crank out another podcast next week before I leave for Nerdapalooza. It’s rare that I find myself ahead of schedule, but stranger things have happened.

Church has suggested the theme of earworms for the next episode, and I quite like that idea. I plan to run with it. Run like the wind!

If you’ve got any suggestions for songs or topics, or if you just wanna share your thoughts on this episode, give me a shout. I’d love to hear ‘em.


Michael Letterle said...

I know you know, but someone's going to say it... the name of the show was Firefly, the movie was Serenity. ;)

Z. said...

Goddamn it! I can all but hear myself losing geek points.

Thanks for taking it easy on me, Michael. :)

Anthony said...

if you get a chance to do one more RFH before nerdapalooza, you can totally choose a track from Welcome to World 2 to "exclusively unveil" on your listeners =D

WildgOphers said...

"Engines make me hot" just made my day.

Dan Plus Add said...

Thanks for the shoutout dudes! It worked! Top spot now:

Z. said...

Thanks, Ant!

I tend to agree Wildg0phers; that was one of my favorite tracks of this ep.

You earned it, Dan. :)

Antisoc said...

I figured it was time to listen to the podcast again. That last song is pretty cool. I also am a big fan of that Aquabats song. Probably my favorite one.

Z. said...

Thanks, Soc! Glad you heard something you liked.

Geof said...

God damn man, as awesome as most of the rest of the show was, bookending with Every Day of the Week (the first song I found and loved on T61) and Empty Cans was brilliant. Although I maintain that Dry Your Eyes is the best track on that Streets album.