Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Nerd News in Brief

Celebrity deaths. I has them.

Some of those we’ve lost in recent weeks are uniquely geeky. Others helped shape the way we see rock ‘n roll. Others still helped to define television sketch comedy.

Personally, I think Korman’s passing hit me the hardest. It was reruns of the Carol Burnett Show that taught me that you could be both smart and funny, and Harvey was a big part of that equation.

But enough commiseration. Let’s get our news on.

  • They grow up so fast: My pal Anthony and the Game Music 4 All crew just celebrated their 2nd anniversary. They are commemorating the event by putting together another compilation. (Always with the compilations, those boys!) I’ve just received a special sneak preview of one of the songs from the Welcome to World Two comp, and I can officially say that it kicks ass. Officially.
  • Nature’s Outcast 2.0: Nerdcore producer nYgel recently shared some specifics concerning his forthcoming mixtape Free To Good Home. Guests include id obelus, Jesse Dangerously, the Ranger, Logic1, T.Y.T., and, of course, Conyeezy. He also announced that this will be his last Midwestern mix, as he is shortly relocating to sunny Florida. I, for one, am pleased to have him on my side of the country.
  • Let’s get physical: Physical copies of Random’s new release Patches and Glue are again available at CDbaby. Quantities are limited, though, so act fast. Consequently, signed copies of both Patches and Glue and Mega Ran can be purchased from the man himself at no extra charge, for those who are savvy enough to contact him.
  • Practically giving it away: My pal Nate Trier, otherwise known as Mindscape Music, has some new digs over at Moreover, he’s using an AMIEstreet promotion to give $5 worth of his tracks away for free to eager listeners. Check it out.
  • Wait til you see my Snidget: Church was quick to point out that The Free Lance-Star features a nice Q&A with Grace Kendall, otherwise known as WRocker Snidget. The write-up is fairly short, so be sure to check it out. Then go immediately to MySpace and friend Snidget, because dulcimers are awesome.
  • Let us play: And while Church was looking into that, reader Wildg0phers took up the mantle of geek ink investigator. He came away with this amazing link to what I can assume is the only tattoo depicting the Church of Gaming logo (of CAD fame). Pwnt, indeed, g0phers!
  • Guacamole Ukulele: Back on the WRock side of the fence we find an Accio Bodyguard tour diary by the lovely Lauren Myrtle hosted at the ‘Pedia, as well as a tour vlog at YouTube. And if that wasn’t enough, here’s a little ukulele ditty from Lauren and tour mate Lena. It’ll make you smile. Thanks to Matt for hipping me to these.
  • You have to play to win, but you also have to win to play: The Nerdcore Rising documentary is currently in an indie film competition. The winners of said competition get distribution deals, screenings, and quite possibly a really big bag of candy. Although the candy remains, at present, unconfirmed. Suffice it to say that this could really be a big deal for the film, so take note. Winners are determined based on video plays as well as fan voting, so hit up the Vaguely Qualified YouTube channel, the posting at From Here to Awesome, and/or register at FHTA and vote “awesome” for the trailer.
  • A girl and her review: Little Miss Gamer is back with a review of the NES classic A Boy and His Blob. It features all you’ve come to expect from LMG including (but not limited to) in-depth analysis, upbeat presentation, and charm to spare. There are also jelly beans. That seems important.


Matt said...

Don't forget, we also lost Bo Diddley this past week.

Z. said...

Damns! I knew I forgot something important. :(

Anthony said...

Hey Z, thanks for wishing us a good birthday =D

Glad you liked the TOP SECRET track I sent your way. I'll probably send you an early review copy once everything's done. this compilation has been secretly in the works for a long time, and I think the quality will really show!

Z. said...

I'm really excited about the new comp, Ant, and I can't wait to hear it. I know you've got something really special in store. Call it blogger's intuition. ;)

Nygel said...

thanks for the plug. check ya mails for goodness.

Z. said...

Got it, nYg. Got it and I dig it! :)