Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Radio Free Hipster Ep. 44: All Things New Are Old Again

Within the last three weeks I have acquired something in the neighborhood of 15 new albums. A number of them were purchases I made on my own or freebies I’ve snagged online, but many were sent to me directly from the artists. Don’t get me wrong, I love this, and, indeed, there’s no higher compliment to someone in my position than a musician who actively seeks me out to ply me with free music.

The only problem inherent in this imminently desirable little system is that sometimes I get a bit “snowed under” with new content and folks get less play time than they rightfully deserve. Even albums I love occasionally get lost in the shuffle before I can share them with you to the extent I feel necessary.

With that in mind, the next couple of editions of Radio Free Hipster will be what I like to call potpourri episodes, shows in which I plumb the depths of both my back catalog and my stack of new arrivals and just play great songs with little regard for themes or concepts. Hopefully you’ll hear some new stuff that you really feel and be reminded of some older tracks that you never stopped loving.

Download Radio Free Hipster Ep. 44: All Things New Are Old Again [hosting provided by Antisocial] Size: 43 MB Running Time: 46:59

Show Notes:

Intro: Baddd Spellah – “Radio Free Hipster Theme (feat. Beefy)”
Ah, a classic!

Track 1: Harry and the Potters – “Save Ginny Weasley”
For many, this was the introductory track to the wonderful world of WRock. Years later, it still holds up extremely well.

Z’s first interlude: “I felt like gloating a bit.”
I really am thrilled with the caliber of artists featured on the next compilation. Hopefully, you’ll be excited too.

Track 2: Dan Plus Add - “Welcome Back to the Internet
Dan’s new album is really a lot of fun. Take a listen and hear for yourself.

Track 3: id obelus - “You Will Die”
id’s rhymes about rural America are oddly applicable to my own life.

Track 4: Beefy - “Bestestest
“Like a clown on retainer, I’m always down to party.”

Track 5: The Sprites - “The Most Dangerous Thing in the World”
Wherein my recent reading becomes central to the track list of the show.

Track 6: killsaly – “Decker
Wherein the trend continues. killsaly is also featured on the new comp. His Frontalot mix is a thing of beauty.

Track 7: Go Home Productions – “Annie Rush”
A mash-up, because I can. ;)

Z’s 2nd interlude: “Which I find hilarious for some reason.”
Probably because of my juvenile sense of humor.

Track 8: Captain Spalding - “I’m Your Medic”
I can’t believe I’m just getting around to playing this one!

Track 9: DJ Pantshead and The Evolution Control Committee - “The Fat Muppets”
ECC? Also on the new comp!

Track 10: Whore Moans - “Be Impressed”
I often lament that id and Whore Moans don’t get more love form the community, and then I turn around and wait months between playing their songs on RFH. I am sore ashamed.

Track 11: RiddleTM - “Ode to Voldemort (Peeved Remix)
I’m actively trying to play more WRock. I get the feeling that some people are waiting for that one Wizard Rock track to come along and knock them on their ass, and I’m gonna keep playing them until one does. (Peeved has a mix on the new album.)

Track 12: Glenn Case - “The Power of Applause”
I play a lot of Glenn’s stuff, but I’ve played very little from The New Adventures of Captain S Soundtrack. (Glenn’s on the comp too!)

I also need to play more chiptunes and VGM. Mental note. Ant, be sure to hold me to this.

Track 14: My Parents Favorite Music – “Kool-Aid”
MPFM have had some personnel changes of late, but I have yet to pick up any of their new stuff. This one’s a classic from their back catalog.

Z’s final interlude: “Mister B of the Letters Vs. Numbers podcast.”
Let me again plug Anthony and Mister B’s new podcast. They play all the game music I forget to and more.

Track 15: Videogame Orchestra and TUS - “Pes To – Des To
I am assuming that by now everyone has the Here Comes a New Challenger compilation in their respective collections. If not, shame on you!

And there you have it, 15 eclectic tracks, some old, some new, some merely middle-aged. But all nerdy, and all fun.

Allow me to reiterate my earlier point: don’t ever stop sending me new stuff. Whether it’s your own tracks, songs from your roommate's band, or just stuff from artists of which you are a rabid fan, I often rely on your good taste to point me in the right direction. It’s a great big internet out there, and I can always use a landmark.

By that same token, don’t be afraid to hit me up with requests and show theme ideas. I love it when we share.


Anonymous said...


can't wait to download this, take a nap, and listen. ^_^

Z. said...

It pays to be well rested when listening to RFH. ;)

Anthony said...

haven't listened yet. but looks to be an awesome show! thanks for playing the awesome but under appreciated (probably because it's in greek) Vgo track!

We will certainly be rocking a track or two from your comp on our next podcast (and probably more on the podcast after that and after that etc).

Also, you just gave me full authority to shove new chiptunes albums down your throat until you hate me. I hope you are prepared good sir.

Z. said...

Greek! I'd been trying to figure out what language that was. :)

And I DLed both your new album suggestions last night. Can't wait to hear 'em.

Antisoc said...

"I often lament that id and Whore Moans don’t get more love form the community"

Pretentious people don't get much love no matter where they are. They both hit the nerdcore scene with the attitude that they were better than everyone else (which even if true, it's still a crappy attitude to have). It wasn't greeted very warmly. Jesse Dangerously has the same problem going for him. Don't get me wrong I like all their music pretty well, but they just all have bloated opinions of themselves.

Z. said...

I can understand where you're coming from, Soc. Front's sarcasm not withstanding, braggadocio is a problem in the scene.

whoremoans said...

to be fair whoremoans refers to himself in the third person and believes himself better than anyone else in any scene period.
no, but in all seriousness... i think its funny cuz i try and take as many people with as possible, put in whatever dues are deemed necessary and pretty much will work with anybody and discuss the discussions, similar to what jesse did for a while on the rt bbs, yet other artists who also are still trying to reach the upper echelon (the ytc frontalot area) actually act too cool for school and are nowhere to be found are the ones to emulate? pass.
i honestly have yet to see anyone in nerdcore yet go, you know what, im the best, i win at music, everyone else is fools, screw everyone else (except mc chris).
honestly, when have you heard me actually discourage anyone or even down talk anyone. sure i beat my chest, but i dont down anyone doing it. ive never heard id do it either. have you?

Desmond Fox said...

id kinda was a jerkoff, though I liked him, and his music was good. But nah, Moans never put anyone down. He's a good rapper, and he knows that, but no, I never felt like he a negative voice in the scene at all.

Z. said...

Good point, Moans. I think part of the problem may’ve been that sort of overall miasma surrounding the RT community. At times it really was a tinderbox waiting to be set off. I can see how boastfulness, even the good-natured and humorous kind, could be misconstrued as malice or disrespect towards others in such an environment.

And thanks for your input, Desmond. Something that I neglected to mention above, and I apologize to both parties for this, is that id and WM have both been nothing but nice to me. I thoroughly enjoy their music, and, while I wasn’t really around much by the time they came to RT, they’ve always come across as really nice cats to me.