Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Tonight, the Nerds Will (W)Rock!

I have long been a cheerleader of Nerdapalooza. While geeks have always been known to have lofty ambitions but questionable follow-through, I felt the dream of Nerdapalooza to be one worth supporting. Sure, I had my doubts as to whether such a huge event could be pulled off just like everyone else, and yet in the end the festival did come to fruition, if on a smaller scale than originally hoped.

Now the dawn of new Nerdapalooza is fast approaching – a Second Age of Geek, if you will – and it rests on the shoulders of two uniquely competent dorks: Hex Warrior, the brains behind the original concept, and mCRT, who all but single-handedly brought together last year’s Nerdapalooza SE.

I’ve touted the roster for this iteration of the festival before. It is, to put it bluntly, a beast. A many-headed beast to which the faces of two more of nerdcore’s finest was recently affixed.

But it gets better.

My only knock against Nerdapalooza ’08 was its lack of geeky rock, or more specifically Wizard Rock. But this too was recently remedied in a fashion most grand.

Last night it was announced that geeky synth-poppers Math, the Band would be joining the lineup. Phenomenal!

It was further stated that the sock puppet rock of Uncle Monsterface, featuring my new pal Dan Brennan, would likewise be rocking the joint. Fantastic!

And lastly, it was revealed that Saturday night’s mystery headliner would be none other than Harry and the Potters. Fuck yeah!

That, my friends, is what we call the hat trick.


Matt said...

Word's been passed to the WRock kids. Hats off the Hex and mCRT. We need more cross scene stuff like this.

BTW, Z, shouldn't you, you know, actually link to Nerdapalooza in this post?

Z. said...

Wise-ass. ;)