Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Nerd News in Brief

Despite a series of posts and retractions that hit the Interwebs yesterday – the whole of which Church most astutely compared to a Python sketch – it looks as though Swiss scientist Albert Hofmann has passed. For true.

Hofmann’s name, of course, is nigh synonymous with his most notorious scientific breakthrough, the synthesizing of LSD.

On one level, his death is important in nerd circles simply because of his clout as a chemist; science is, in and of itself, a nerdly virtue. Yet it’s just as important due to his role in introducing the world to a variety of hallucinogens.

Though the prevailing notion is that nerds are, to put it in a simpler parlance, squares, the brutal truth is that we are in a number of ways another modern progeny of the original counterculture. Drugs are a unique part of our collective cultural heritage, and, while I certainly won’t use this time to endorse them, it would be foolhardy not to acknowledge the drug history of the broader geek arts.

Suffice it to say that somewhere, in the grand cosmic swirl that is the afterlife, there is a suave, but no less geeky, European gentleman on one hell of a bicycle ride.
  • Any minute now: Today's big news is the release of GM4A's Here Comes a New Challenger compilation. I had the pleasure of receiving a preview copy last week, and I gotta say it's positively stuffed with musical goodness. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear to be available to the public quite yet, but keep your eyes peeled.
  • Does whatever a spider can: Church comes through with another round of nerd ink. First up is a totally disturbing Spider-Man tat, and it’s followed by… well… nothing can really compare, so let’s just wrap it up right here.
  • Hogwarts Redshirts: Taking a cue from mega- franchises like Star Trek and Star Wars, Warner Bros has recently greenlit Harry Potter: The Exhibition. Kicking off in 2009 for a 5 year run, the event will certainly be coming to a city near everyone but me. We can only hope that this will spell great things for the Wrock community.
  • Accio band: Meanwhile, Matt just hipped me to the fact that Potter symposium Portus is currently looking for more Wrock bands. The event is also pushing a Swap Meet that promises to see some interesting wares. Learn more over at The ‘Pedia.
  • She likes guys who like Harry Potter: A very excited Lauren of the Moaning Myrtles has finished her solo CD. You can check out clips from a number of the songs as well as her headband – which is apparently awesome for a couple of reasons – at YouTube.
  • Rock out with your sock out: Sock puppet rockers Uncle Monsterface have just “returned from the futuristic future” for an all-ages show this Friday, May 2nd at NYC’s The Knitting Factory with FISHBOY and besties. Doors open at 7:00 PM, and it’s $8 to get in. The venue is a bit of a bigger room than Monsterface is accustomed to headlining, so please show up and fill said room with love. Also, it just so happens to be Paradise Dan’s birthday, so be sure to buy him a drink for me.
  • More Random: Ran’s been popping up all over the place of late! Yesterday, his new single “Fly” was included on DJ Cro's Main Ingredient Radio Show, which you really need to check out, and recently a mix of his track “Inbox” was featured MP3 of the week at Looks like that link’s still live, so go download that one as well.
  • Long live mc: The new release from mc chris, mc chris is dead, is currently available for pre-order. This album ships tomorrow to indiemerchstore in Ohio, and a pre-order will guarantee that a copy will ship to you before next Friday. Act now.
  • That’s all that matters: The Laughing Squid has a wonderful interview of MC Frontalot by GETV’s delightful Irina Slutsky. Check it out for some interesting info on Front’s career, the Nerdcore Rising documentary, and his recent foray into Twitter-ing. Also, keep a keen eye for Doc Pop and YTCracker name-drops.
  • I know that guy!: Doc’s rumination on an interestingly placed Narnia banner – it makes Prince Caspian look all Cyclops – made it’s way onto Boing Boing. Post now before all the really good snarky comments are taken!
  • Hey fella: Another jewel from Church is this link from Cracked. It’s The 11 Most Unintentionally Gay Rap Lyrics Ever. I’m not sure if this is more offensive to hip-hop heads or the gay community, so I’ll leave that up to you.
  • Sonic Screwdriver: Recently, we in the States were treated to the season finale of Doctor Who. Meaning last season. Meaning this same finale ran in the UK what, like, nine months ago? Yes, Britain still retains Who-superiority, but I digress. Here’s a little musical tribute to the final demise of The Master. He most certainly was an asshole.


Matt said...

Uncle Monsterface is playing with the Besties? Wow, that sounds like all kinds of fun.

A reminder to folks that the Besties track, Zombie Song (about the perils of falling in love with a zombie boy), was in last Halloween's RFH episode. Definitely get to the show early and check them out.

Matt said...

Oh and Z? The season finale that you're referencing above was shown in the US awhile ago. What you're talking about was a rerun that went down in preparation for the new season. The US is about a year behind the UK is airing episodes.

Church said...

"Hogwarts Redshirts" needs to be a band.

Z. said...

Yeah, Matt, I thought you'd dig that. Also, I just realized that I was watching that finale on BBC America. They always tend to be several eps behind Sci-Fi for some strange reason.

Also, Church, that original headline read "Hogwarts Browncoats." I like both quite a lot.

Anthony said...

hey Z! the album is out now! finally! it's been a hectic day in the GM4A "offices" but here's the linkage!
my post on gm4a

the official webpage

that should be all the info. if you can post about it here on HP i would be eternally in your debt! thanks so much!

Category said...

Well, you may be running behind in Dr Who, but britain IS MONTHS BEHIND ON ALMOST EVERY OTHER COOL SHOW.

Not that I'm bitter!

Z. said...

Thanks for the heads-up, Ant. Done and done. :)

Too true, Cat, and I always feel bad for you Europeans with regard to video game release dates too.