Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Before I depart…

Tomorrow is Baby Day.

Okay, I’m not sure if that is a wholly crumulent holiday, but it is when I expect the arrival of the latest edition to the Family Z. But before I begin boiling water and gathering clean towels, let me take care of a few last minute announcements.

First and foremost: Nerdapalooza ’08! Hot off the (virtual and/or totally imaginary) press is info from my pal Hex. According to the press release I have in-hand, last night on the live Nerdapalooza podcast, “it was announced that both LogicOne and MC Frontalot are confirmed for the July show of Nerdapalooza Southeast 2008; that the other tentative large-scale nerdcore show (INFO2k8 ) will be merged with Nerdapalooza; and that tickets [are now on sale and have been set for] $25 for the entire weekend.” Be forewarned that there are only 300 tickets available for purchase and that ticket prices will certainly rise as the event’s date draws nigh. Check out the Nerdapalooza blog for further details.

Next, let us take a moment to mourn the loss of another geek icon. Visionary sci-fi author Arthur C. Clarke passed away yesterday evening. At 90, he had lived a full and exciting life, and, as the writer of such nerdy touchstones as 2001: A Space Odyssey, he no doubt trashed better fiction than most of us will ever even conceive, much less commit to paper. Clark was a futurist who wrote about our tech-heavy era years before even the faintest glimmer of this digital world took shape in the public eye. Moreover, he always endeavored to keep the science in science fiction. Not that's nerdcore.

And lastly, on what I at least hope is a happier note, the latter half of this week should see not one, but two births within my little family. No, Em isn’t having twins. (And damn you for even thinking that!) In addition to a new baby, we will also be welcoming to the world a brand new podcast. With the help – and, indeed, at the urging – of Ken Denmead, my friend and editor from Wired, GeekDad and Hipster, please! have activated their Wonder Twins powers to bring you another geeky music podcast. GeekDad’s HipTrax is a bi-weekly mini-cast that features a small, family friendly selection of songs from the realms of nerdcore, geek rock, chiptunes, VGM, and Wizard Rock, as well as a little dialog about the artists and their respective scenes. I like to think of it as a more accessible alternative to my long-running Radio Free Hipster: the Nintendo Wii to RFH’s Sega Dreamcast, if you will. Episode 1 should premiere later this week with a kick-ass new theme song from Canadian Beat Ninja Snake Eyes. Keep an eye on the Geekdad blog in rapt anticipation.


Doc Pop said...

Dude... Baby day...
Congrats man.
We are all excited for you and your family.

Luzid said...

Z! Congrats, man!

Going down to FL on Friday to see my 9-year-old son for a week - after that, expect to see another song or two break my hiatus!

Rob said...


Man, it seems like just the other day you were finding out you were gonna have another kid.

Hope all went well.

Matt said...

GeekDad HipTrax #1 is now up.

Anonymous said...

congrats, z!! ^_^

Jeremy said...

Congrats to the Zs!


Drystan Knight said...

Kids, the inspiration/excuse for so many of our own continued geek hobbies. Congrats man

Z. said...

Thanks, Doc. as soon as she's old enough I'm pitching her out West so you can train her in the art of the yo-yo, ninja-style. ;)

We're doing great, Rob. Thanks for checkin' up!

I listened yesterday, Matt. Not my best work - I was a little more rambling than usual - but it came together nicely.

Thanks, Hex. I appreciate it, bro.

Yep, DK, they keep us young and also somehow make us incredibly old. :)

Thanks, JMIC. We actually danced around the house to "1st and Yesler" earlier today.

Z. said...

Oh and, Luzid, I hope things go great in FL and you and your (not so) little one get in some great QT.