Thursday, January 24, 2008

Radio Free Hipster Ep. 38: But Seriously, Folks…

I kind of refused to agonize over this edition of RFH.

That’s not to say that the podcast is, in general, agonizing, but I do tend to get a little overly concerned with the mechanics of an episode. Things like track transitions and show length – while they probably seem fairly arbitrary – are usually plotted weeks in advance.

This time around I didn't let myself do that; I just threw a bunch of great songs together and hoped for the best. The edges are maybe frayed a bit, but I think it came together.

But I reckon your opinion is the one that matters. ;)

Download Radio Free Hipster Ep. 38: But Seriously, Folks… (hosting provided by Antisocial) Size: 44.6 MB Running Time: 48:47

Show Notes

Intro: Baddd Spellah – “Radio Free Hipster Theme (feat. Beefy)”
The funnest song of them all. Yep: funnest.

Track 1: Steve Martin – “Ramblin’ Man (Theme From)”
It was either this or “Foggy Mountain Breakdown.” Competition was stiff.

Z’s first interlude: “Higher artistic value.”
I often tend to try and make artistic statement in this podcast via the art of others. This is not one of those times.

Track 2: Tanner4105 – “Intro” and “The Luda King”
I stand corrected.

Track 3: The Advantage – “Ninja Gainden (Mine Shaft)”
Man, I need to break down and buy another Advantage album!

Track 4: 14 Year Old Girls – “Q-Tip Bliss”
There’s a video for this track that I had somehow managed not to notice up to this point. It’s very Q*Bert.

Track 5: The Weasel King – “Luna
The musical scope of Wizard Rock never ceases to amaze.

Track 6: A+D – “Pour Some Hot Sugar
As I commented in the show itself, there are a lot of mash-ups this ep. I don’t anticipate any bitching.

Track 7: MC Frontalot – “Penny Arcade Theme (Katamari Mix Live)
Yes, Front sounds winded in this one, but that should come as no surprise to anyone who’s ever seen the bald dynamo perform live.

Z’s 2nd interlude: “You have these deadlines.”
With the new kid on the way, I’ve really been feeling pressure to get stuff done while I still have the option, but that tends to make this seem more like a job than a hobby. So expect a more relaxed (but hopefully still productive) Z. in the near future.

Track 8: The Onion Radio News – “Blues Musician To U.N.: 'Yemen Done Me Wrong'
The composer of such blues classics as “Dead Cow Blues” and “Butter My Bread.”

Track 9: DJ Lobsterdust – “Walkin’ Yo’ Girlfriend Out
The glory of bastard pop is that it can take a handful of songs I can’t stand and transmute them into a single track that I love.

Track 10: The Grammar Club – “Heart Tits
The Grammar Club represent all that is good about nerdy music. They make sweet musical love to your earhole.

Track 11: Beefy – “Be Aggressive
For those who haven’t heard the original.

Track 12: Pixel8 – “We Can All See Rainbows”
Historically, RFH is a little light on the chiptunes and the Wrock. This year I’m’a try and fix that.

Track 13: The Four Eyes – “For the Horde”
By show of hands, who here doesn’t play World of Warcraft? Just me, huh?

Z’s final interlude: “Putting together a second Hipster, please! compilation.”
I’m not being quite so tightlipped about this one as I was Nerdcore Undercover. I’m not trying to over-hype it or anything, but I do like to let folks know that something else is coming down the pipe.

Track 14: Z-Trip – “Breakfast Club (ft. Murs & Supernatural)”
“I used to like to get a big, fat bowl of cereal and watch cartoons, motherfucker, and if you can’t relate to this song you’re taking this shit too serious.”

Unnecessary bonus track: “Mr. Yuk
A terribly low bitrate version of a song that still creeps me the fuck out. Blame Church for its inclusion.

Your cries for a second mixtape episode have been heard, and you should be getting one soon.

In February? Possibly, but certainly, y’know, eventually. In the meantime, let me know what you thought of this one. And if you found a new artist that you dig, take a look at their site and give some of their other stuff a listen.


Matt said...

I think I'm finally getting to the point where I can here Be Aggressive and not think about the Faith No More song by the same name. I still want to hear a mash up between the two though.

pinky said...

breakfast club made it on, fuckin awesome :P

Church said...

OK, took me a while to get around to this, but DAMN! One for the frequent-repeats.

The transition from the cereal song to "Mr Yuk" was either very weird or very inspired. Not sure yet. Suspect the latter.

Z. said...

Yeah, Matt, it's hard to think that a shitty ol' high school cheerleader staple could make not one, but two great choruses.

Actually, Pink, I've been trying to find a place to put this track for months! I had planned to do a dedicated cartoon ep, but I finally just decided that now was the time to share this one.

Church, that's actually the same tone I use before I put in one of my (infrequent) goofy outtakes.