Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Xmas miracle

Holy flurking schnit! Yesterday, Hipster, please! got a mention over at Tiny Nibbles for, oddly enough, namedropping Violet Blue in that day’s NNIB. Yes, I am well aware that me referencing Violet referencing me referencing her is kind of meta, but realizing that an actual writer is aware of my existence is easily the best Christmas present I received this year. (Although the slot 1 card my wife got me was pretty boss too.)

Here’s hoping that all of you had an excellent holiday as well!

It's Christmas, bitches!


Anthony said...

Merry Christmas Z. Since you got a slot 1 solution. best to hit up http://www.gbatemp.net/ if you haven't yet. they are hella helpful with everything ds homebrew related.

welcome to the wonderful world of DS Homebrew =D

Z. said...

Thanks, Anthony. I can already tell I'm gonna need some help. /n00b

Church said...

The GF pronounces you all one cute family. (Although I know at least part of that is b/c you have those damn glasses she's been trying to make me get.)

Z. said...

My wife actually resisted the glasses at first, but - just like with the Scion - eventually she came around. :)