Sunday, December 16, 2007

Of site redesigns, podcasts, and kids

Last year around this time, I began posting about the kinds of things I’d like to see from the nerd music community in 2007. Without dwelling too much on whether or not my exercise in wishful thinking and prognostication was effective, today I’d simply like to use that as more of a jumping-off point. Last time around, I spent many-a word enumerating what I’d like to see from you in the coming year, but today I’d like to tell you a bit of what you can expect from me both in the waning weeks of ’07 and in the early months of ’08.

First and foremost, you can expect a site redesign. Assuming you’re reading this yourself – as opposed to, say, someone relating it to you via telephone – you’ve already noticed that things look a bit different. As, Hipster, please! has pretty much looked the same from its inception, I felt it was time to switch shit up a bit. The new layout boasts not only a new color scheme and a swanky new logo courtesy of my friend Denika, but also some bells and whistles. I’ve dropped an abridged version of the feed for RFH right into the sidebar, and I’ve also enabled Digg buttons for each individual post. (That’s not to say I’m gonna beg you to subscribe to the podcast or Digg what you read here, but the options are there should you feel so moved.)

Unfortunately, this changeover hasn’t been without its hiccups. My grand new logo, for example, seems to want to display 25% smaller than it should despite my best efforts to rectify that, and the Sites and Sounds links are, as always, in constant flux. I reckon what I’m saying is this is a work in progress. Don’t freak out too much if things change from day to day for the next few weeks, and feel free to hit me up with any suggestions.

On the subject of the podcast, you’ll notice that the full back catalog of Radio Free Hipster episodes is now available through the feed. Well, except for episode 12, but even that elusive bastard has been recovered (Thanks, Church!), and it should be in there tomorrow. Let me warn you, though, that the first few eps are dreadful, production-wise, but most of you old schoolers doubtlessly remember that.

Concerning more tangible issues, you should get two more podcasts this year. The holiday-themed ep will, hopefully, be up tomorrow, and the year-end wrap-up should drop shortly thereafter. I’ve also got another feature interview and a final set of album impressions that should trickle out this December as well.

Next year – probably around late February – I’m hoping to drop a second Hipster, please! compilation. This one will be vastly different than the last, and, though I can’t divulge all my secrets, I will make it a point to leak the occasional nugget of info as the release draws nigh.

I’m hoping this comp will really blow folks away, as I anticipate a pretty sharp drop-off in my productivity come March. This is due to the pending arrival of a new baby in the Z. family. Yes, Li’l X. will have a baby sister, and Em and I will have another mouth to feed/arse to wipe. Truthfully, I’m pretty excited, despite the fact that my childrearing skills are rudimentary at best. I can’t fully anticipate how much this new bundle of joy will affect my writing schedule, but I suppose posts will be few and far-between for a while there, so be forewarned.

In the meantime, feel free to poke around the new digs. Help yourself to whatever’s in the fridge and don’t sweat putting your feet on the sofa. This will be the shape of HP for the foreseeable future, so it’s best if we all break it in as quick as possible. And if you hear any hammering, that’s just me trying to gussy the joint up a bit more.


Nygel said...

i want a piece of that there comp, if that is possible? also, i like the new design, i liked the old one too, but this is pretty sweet if not more so.

Z. said...

Actually, nYgel, whereas the last comp was entirely performer-based, this one is more producer and DJ based, so you were actually already on my "ask list." :) I'll email you the specifics tomorrow.

Matt said...

Hey Z! You're already out of good beer! And dude, these chips are stale. Sheesh.

Seriously, I dug what I saw during development of this site, but I'm liking it even more fleshed out with text and what not. If you ever feel like giving SSS a design make over, let me know.

Jason T said...

Congrats on the new arrival! It's a beautiful logo.

Oh, and the baby, too! Babies are keen. You're running out of obscure initials, though; are we looking at little Y.? Q.?

Luzid said...

Congrats on the new drop, aka "baby". As a pop myself, there's no weirder feeling than knowing a half-clone of your own is wandering around the planet!

And I see you added me to the list of sounds, too cool. Wonder what my chances on the comp are? XD

Anthony said...

w00t. SNES controller! maybe when gm4a steps upto a redesign we'll upgrade to an snes controller in our logo as well =D

Also, I love SNES!

antisoc said...

I really dug your last compilation album. I'm hoping this next one will be even better. :)

Also, congrats on the pending arrival.

Oh yeah, the new site design is really cool, too. I like the speak and spell in the background. Very classy and Doc Pop appropriate.

Z. said...

Thanks for the love, Matt. This weekend I pretty much hit the point where I knew I was gonna have to apply the new layout to the site and see how it worked before I could go any further.

Yeah, Jason, I think I’m gonna have to refer to this one via some abstract symbol. ;)

Thanks, Luzid. Having one kid is tough, so I’m a little worried about having two. Still, all I can do is hope for the best. This next comp is gonna be all about DJs and producers, but I’ll keep you in mind if a space becomes available.

The SNES controller was Denika’s idea, Anthony. She’s my one-woman graphic arts department. XD

Thanks, Soc. And let me say, once again, that without your endless support and bandwidth, Hipster, please! would be nothing!

GI_Josh said...

The new site looks great Z. Its much easier on the eyes...(both figuratively and literally)

Z. said...

Thanks, Josh. I'm pretty happy with it myself.

Denika said...

I would also like to thank everyone who likes the logo. :D

Maybe one day Z will get off this Blogger thing and I can really wreak some havoc on his design ;)

Matt said...

I've been trying to get him over to WordPress Denika, but he's a stubborn bastard.

Z. said...

Oh, so now I have both of you conspiring against me. I see how this is gonna be. ;)

Matt said...

Dude, just accept the inevitable and switch over already. You know it is going to happen sooner or later.