Thursday, November 22, 2007


Hey, look who it is! It’s that other Z. Y’know, the cute one that doesn’t drink liquor around small children.

Yeah. That one! Little Miss Gamer.

And she’s got another retro game review for your collective ass. This one is for old school shmup Gyruss. It’s kind of a long one, which is fortuitous as I’ve just run out of words.


Church said...

I'm liking these, but her intros are too long. They should (and could) be about one to two minutes. I feel like I have to get over the intro hump before I can enjoy the rest of the vid.

Z. said...

Yeah, I didn't really think about it until you mentioned it, but the intro of ep. 1 was the only thing I didn't enjoy. Maybe they should save the longer vignettes for later in the review?

Church said...

Nah. They're where they should be, as the hook for the show, it's just that they're so long it starts to act as a speedbump. She just needs an editor who's not afraid to cut. I'll volunteer.

John said...

This show's so freakin great. I've been following it ever since it spun off from another show called Still Gaming.

I think she makes an episode like once every one or two weeks, which is awesome considering how much effort is put into it.

If you think there's a lot of other shows out there that reviews great classic games, you are WRONG. On YouTube, 99% of game reviews are stupid 12 year olds cussing at horrible games that are older than them. Now, I love the "Angry Video Game Nerd" show, but there are so, SO many stupid kids that try to mimic his style that some even believe it to be IMPOSSIBLE to review a game without cussing at crappy old games (No joke, some jackass said that to my face)! What the HELL!?

Hey, in any case, I love this show. If you think you can do better, PLEASE try. Out of the 1000 game review shows on YouTube, only about THREE even TRY to review games that don't suck, and that's pathetic.

Z. said...

Well said, John. LMG manages to be not a only a great game review show, but a great retro game review show!