Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Nerd News inBrief

Guess who’s back in the muthafuckin’ house with some Nerd News for that muthafuckin’…

Wow. That didn’t fit at all.

How about: guess who’s back in the muthafuckin’ house with some Nerd News from the muthafuckin’… South?

Yeah, okay, that works.

It’s not my best bastardization of a Snoop Dogg couplet, but it’ll have to do.
  • I’m a stream-ripper, a one-way ticket, yeah: Before motoring into the mountains of Tennessee last week, I made it a point to catch the Shoutcast interview with The Grammar Club guys. In addition to hearing from Shael and Glenn, Beef Thompson also made an appearance. There were some revelations about the project and its genesis, some laughs and good-natured bull-shittery, and ample talk about – you guessed it – dry-cleaning and animal husbandry. You can check out the interview at The Grammar Club site, or you can download my own rip of the madness.
  • What a lady!: Church has found a definitive winner in our continuing mission to quantify the world’s greatest geek tattoo. Ladies and gentlemen, behold our new Empress.
  • A PhD in Dorking the Fuck Out: Would you like to see a video interview with MC Frontalot and his group of musical malcontents from the DigtalLife expo? Of course you would! Pay special attention to Blak Lotus’s musing concerning nerd girls. Fascinating.
  • VGM meets nerdcore hip-hop: 8-Bit Bandit & Dumbfoundead have, at long last, released The Super Barrio Brothers EP. What are still reading for? Head over to their MySpace and snag this CD! I’ll wait here until you get back.
  • Too good to be true?: If any of you nerdcore cats are approached by some marketing-types who say they were referred to you by one Dan Lamoureux, Dan humbly requests that you let him know. Apparently, he was contacted by a marketing firm via MySpace that seemed to be rather interested in nerdcore, but he was a little iffy on the legitimacy of their request. Though it “might sound shady,” Dan says that the folks he talked to “were very nice and psyched about nerdcore.” There was talk of sponsoring some events and whatnot, but before he got all excited Dan wanted to know if anyone else had been approached. Check out the full story here and let the man know if you have any info.
  • In his own words: Otaku MC MAJA now has his very own blog through which he can share his thoughts with you, the fans. You can peek inside the mind of hip-hop's foremost Janglish speaker via this link.
  • Far more social than you'd think: My boy Antisocial is breaking in his new recording rig by re-recording all the songs from his previous effort Depressed Nerd. The re-release will be called, what else, Depressed Nerd 2.0. You know how Soc rolls.
  • Get.Yer.Geek.On: Last weekend marked Madison, Wisconsin’s Geek.Kon, and over 1800 nerds or all types and descriptions showed up. Why, I can only imagine the smell! In addition to making it to CNN, the show also got a great write-up in Wisconsin’s Badger Herald.
  • John! George! Paul! Ringo! Zombies!: And lastly, so as to get you all back in the pre-Halloween spirit, here’s a little video mash-up featuring The Beatles… and the undead.


antisoc said...

Yeah, I'm also hard at work on my as-of-yet untitled album. I'm about 2/3 done with it currently. The remix album is about 2/3 done as well. The current release order is: Depressed Nerd 2.0 - November 2007, Captcha (the remix album) December 2007, Untitled - Febuary 2008. I've basically been slacking off all summer up until now, and I just moved into an apartment a couple months ago. Also, Wild Turkey 101 has been impeding my progress on my musical endeavors.

Z. said...

Ah, Wild Turkey! A subtle reminder that the Southeast and the West aren't that far apart after all. ;)