Thursday, September 13, 2007

More Nerd News in Brief

I sometimes forget that the American public is composed primarily of sheep. Despite knowing better, I desperately cling to the notion that we, as a whole, are capable of making an informed decision.

Moreover, I truly want to believe that people have… y’know taste and standards.

Shit, we can’t even seem to make simple choices right!

Case in point: Last Comic Standing. My wife loves reality shows and I love stand-up, so this seemed like a very rare piece of common cultural ground. Unfortunately, the producers and the voting public have solely dedicated themselves to weeding out all the funny contestants.

I have, however, gleaned from this experience one unshakable fact, one common thread shared by every talented comic the world over; they are not Bill Bellamy.
  • It’s good to be king: Apparently the super secret party that mc chris had been invited to play was unceremoniously cancelled. In a blog post related to the cancellation, mc tellingly remarks, “sometimes i dont like being a nerd rapper, but i love having nerds as fans. especially when they design halo 3.” Truer words were never spoken.
  • If he hits Greenville, drinks are on me!: While he might not be rocking the Halo 3 house party, mc will once again be rhyming his way across the country this fall. Dates are as follows: Oct 28 in San Luis Obispo, CA at The Slo Brewery; Oct 29 in Anaheim, CA at The Chain Reaction; Oct 30 in West Hollywood at The Roxy (hopefully); Oct 31 in Phoenix, Az at The Brickhouse; Nov 1 in Albuquerque, NM at Launch Pad; Nov 2 in El Paso, TX… somewhere; Nov 3 in Lubbock, TX at Jake’s; Nov 7 in Tallahassee, FL at The Beta Bar; Nov 12 in Birmingham, AL at The Zydeco; Nov 13 in either Raleigh, NC or Nashville, KY; Nov 14 in Wilmington, NC or Louisville, KY; Nov 16 in Greenville, SC or Mount Clemens, MI (Please, oh sweet, holy Flying Spaghetti Monster, please let it be Greenville!); Nov 17 in Bowling Green, OH or Cleveland, OH; and Nov 18 in Pittsburgh at The Rex Theater.
  • Rockers need love too: The Half Racks have another marathon gig lined up this Friday at The Comet. Flying in a Tin Can will be opening, the show starts at 9:00 PM, and there’s no cover. Glenn says that their last couple of Comet gigs have been “a fairly rough experience, so [he] would genuinely appreciate seeing as many friendly, familiar faces as possible.” Spokanites are encouraged to attend and show their support.
  • Comic shop chic: My girl Nikki, also known as Nikki Nefarious and/or Buttnik, likes to take pictures. Many of these pictures are of nerdy girls doing nerdy things. And a least half of them are of scantily clad nerdy girls doing nerdy things. She recently did such a shoot for online zine Geeks Magazine, which is solidly devoted to nerdy chicks in all their glory. You can peep the pics and read the interview with the girly in question right here.
  • Better late than never: Church believes that he is the last person in the world to read this Wizrocklopeia interview with Wrock pioneers Harry and the Potters. He is mistaken. I am the last person in the world to read the piece. Unless, of course, you wish to steal my mystic Crown of Procrastination.
  • Battle of the sexes: Who would win in a fight between MC Router and The Goondocks? It’s a question as old as time, and one that is summarily answered thanks to this clip.


Church said...

So it's a toss-up b/t South Carolina or Michigan? WTF?

Z. said...

Struck me as a little odd too, Church...

Matt S said...

You guys have never heard the joke about buying the booking agent a globe?

Well, it isn't a joke. I've never met a booking agent who seriously considered geography when booking shows.

GI_Josh said...

Z, you are so right about Last Comic Standing. Even the show itself is terrible, not just the voters. They put comics in a reality show...which gives them SO many opportunities to make fun of the conventions of the reality genre or to break out of said conventions, but noooo. They play into them, and they do so in such a serious manner it is absurd. While last comic standing could be a showcase of some of the great talent in the comic field, it turns into survivor featuring people who also happen to be stand up comics.

Okay, /rant. You just said exactly what I was feeling there, buddy.

Z. said...

Glad to know someone else agrees, Josh. The most frustrating thing for me is that there really are some talented comics on the show, but those few who make the cut are quickly reduced to little more than set-pieces for these poorly conceived "challenges." The only thing worse than bad comics is good comics not being given an opportunity to practice their craft!