Thursday, August 16, 2007

More Nerd News in Brief

Within the last 12 hours I have received somewhere in the neighborhood of 2,000 spam messages in the old Hipster, please! Inbox. I’ve never really had a problem with unsolicited mail before, so I’m a little – how you say – confuselated.

If only I knew someone with a background in spam who could answer a few questions for me.

Yeah, if you wanna know about dinosaurs you talk to a paleontologist; if you wanna know about spam you talk to YTCracker.

But first, More Nerd News in Brief.

  • More nerd ink: Okay, this cat rivals Router for extremely geeky tattoos. Behold his 3/4 sleeve of Mario art. Looks like he’s planning to get a Zelda sleeve on the other arm. Thanks to Matt for pointing me toward this.
  • Speaking of Router: Ms. Ritchie’s Fort Worth Weekly cover story is now available online. The article itself is quite interesting; hell, even I was surprised to find that Router has submitted an audition tape for a VH1 show. In addition to a lot of back-and-forth with Router, the piece also has a few nice quotes from T-byte, YTCracker. and Dan Lamoureux. Take a gander
  • Great Scot!: Church also found a brief mention of Router and MC Frontalot in The Scotsman of all places! It seems “the Edinburgh Interactive Festival's screenings director is interested in having nerdcore next year.” Strange but true.
  • Lower case, no dots: mc chris has gotten his fair share of press of late, with two new articles popping up recently. Pinky found a nice Q&A session with mc in Format Magazine that I highly recommend to anyone who considers himself a fan. Likewise, MC Tanuki found a similar interview at Newsarama that’s also a pretty damn good read.
  • But wait, there’s more: mc chris was also recently listed as one of the top 10 bands on this year’s Warped Tour on the tour's official site! Does this mean that our private little nerd party is officially over? Probably.
  • Bloop, blip, bleep: Pixelh8’s 2nd album, The Boy with the Digital Heart, is set to shake up the chiptune world in a couple of ways. First, “the entire album, every note, every drum beat, every sound [has been] programmed [from] scratch.” The project will also be featured in its own documentary detailing the making of the album, the myriad of software used to create it, and the artist himself. Interesting stuff, to say the least.
  • Boys on film: While we’re on the subject of video, I’d be a fool not to direct you toward 32 brand-spanking-new clips of Glenn Case and The Half Racks performing at The Comet. These were recorded on the 3rd of this month, and you can check out the full set list at Glenn’s site. (Be sure to peep their cover of “Here Comes Your Man.”)
  • More Wrock: Church has had a busy week. In addition to the thankless task of finding me cool shit to post and, y’know, actually working at his real job, he’s also managed to damn-near convince me to try and construct my own Beer Brewing Bender. Oh, and he edited together this charming bit of performance footage of The Whomping Willows. He even scores extra credit for the running commentary throughout.


Doc Pop said...

Can't wait to hear Pixelh8's new album.

For anyone interested, I wrote a blog article on Pixelh8's gameboy cartridge. You can read it here.

Church said...

Nice Router article. One of the better mainstream ones. (Although: Dan has a crew?)

And now a chiptunes documentary? Damn, with the NC and Wrock ones, that's some kind of nerdy trifecta.

Z. said...

I actually need to pick up one those GB cards. I was really fond of Fish & Chips, so I can't wait to hear what Pixelh8 comes up with next.

I think this doc is gonna be focused mostly on Pix himself; more like the Front doc than NC4L. Still should be good though.

Matt S said...

And now a chiptunes documentary? Damn, with the NC and Wrock ones, that's some kind of nerdy trifecta.

Yeah. Now if someone would just release one of these films we'd be in business.

Anonymous said...

sweet. thanks for the news.
that scotland article was pretty neato.

just wait till i finish up all my tattoos...none shall rival against me!@!

Z. said...

MC Router: The Tattooed Lady of Nerdcore Hip-Hop ;)