Thursday, May 17, 2007

More Nerd News in Brief

You know that thing I do where I make fun of whatever the big mainstream news story is before I start NNIB?

Sure you do.

And I reckon you're expecting me to take some jab at the late Reverend Falwell, right?

Well, I'm not gonna.

As far as I'm concerned, whatever the afterlife – in its perpetual, unfathomable mystery – holds for a bigoted homophobe like Jerry is probably more than comical enough.

And now, More Nerd News in Brief.
  • “That means you could die.”: Doctor Popular and MC Slutsky have teamed up again, this time for an entry in the The Music Video Challenge Deathmatch. Voting ends May 21st, so there's still plenty of time to give Irina some love in the form of your vote.
  • And the Busy Beaver Award goes to…: Doc Popular also recently made reference to a new Drown Radio album due this fall. He's hoping that the ensuing round of interstate travel he's about to undertake will aid the creative process. Godspeed, Doc. Godspeed.
  • Big news from the big man: On the subject of forthcoming albums, ZeaLouS1 has recently revealed that he is hard at work on his third nerdcore release. Not much is known about the as-yet unnamed project, save that the vast recording equipment upgrade (and, indeed, the album itself) is being bankrolled by new label BOSSFIGHT.
  • East meets West: I've also received early word that Z1 is planning a trip to the East Coast this fall. Stay tuned for more info on the projected gig and what you can do to make it happen.
  • The man behind the mask: Esteemed malcontent SUCKLORD 66 has hooked up with a local promoter in the hopes of making nerdcore sufficiently felt throughout this year's San Diego Comicon. Any parties interested in participating in the madness are urged to prostrate themselves before the Sucklord himself.
  • N R culture stealin R musicks: Word around the water cooler is that MTV plans to do a segment on Wizard Rock for MTV News. Personally, I am both thrilled and disgusted. ;) WTF indeed, Matt.
  • Marketing gone awry: NEWSFLASH - Apparently Konami doesn't understand that we know how to get this shit for free. I'm just sayin'.
  • More marketing gone awry: Consequently, Nintendo is obviously threatened by the success of The New Adventures of Captain S. Church is just sayin'.
  • I'm beginning to sense a pattern here: MC Router and Dan Lamoureux recently took part in Axosoft's Geek Marketing Contest, and were summarily named the "likely winner" even before the last of the entries was received. If you've ever wanted to see Router assailed by an enormous, anthropomorphic bug-man, here's you're chance… although, truthfully, that probably means that you're pretty fucked up.


ChurchHatesTucker said...

Little known fact: Router was voted "Most likely to be assaulted by an enormous, anthropomorphic bug-man" in high school.

And "Bossfight"? Coolest. Label Name. EVAH!

Denika said...

Oh snap! is catching up to the Slutsky. Some bitches better vote!

Z. said...

I completely believe that "Most likely to be assaulted by an enormous, anthropomorphic bug-man" is a real award in Texas. ;)

And y'all better listen to Denika and vote for Slutsky and Doc!

Doc Pop said...

Interesting fact, I saw's ratings jump up from 19.5% to 32% in the span of 5 minutes. Simaltanously the overall voter count jumped up at least 500 votes.

churchHatesTucker said...

Where is the voting/rating page?

Z. said...

Looks like you ain't the only one that noticed, Doc!

Oh, and here ya go, Church:

Antisoc said...

Who wouldn't want to see Router assailed by a giant anthropomorphic bug-man?

er... not me... uh...

welp, time to get back to html coding