Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Baby Learns to Crawl

Hi, folks.

Well, I have some good news and some bad news.

The bad? My Top Nerdcore Artists feature isn't quite ready yet. I'm sorry. I know I said I'd post it on the 25th, but I have a couple of last minute tweaks that need to be made to help flesh it out.

Which brings me to the good news: Dan (of Nerdcore For Life) was nice enough to give me free reign over the various pictures and videos he's collected of nerdcore artists in action to help dress the piece up. The fact that his team's got pics and footage of damn near everyone, coupled with nerdcore artists' penchant for self-promotion, means that this feature will have some pretty pictures and helpful links to accompany my misuse (and outright abuse) of the English language.

Big up to Dan for helping out! If y'all haven't already, be sure to friend his film over at MySpace.

Of course, this still leaves the minor issue of how, exactly, to celebrate Hipster, please!'s first birthday sans Nerdcore Top 10 .

I hope you have suggestions, ‘cause I got nuthin'.

I mean, in a week that's seen real life Kryptonite discovered in Serbia and the mysteries of a Galleon-based economy unfurled – not to mention that little matter involving the Pope loosing all of those tiny, unbaptized souls from limbo – I truly have nothing of genuine consequence to add.

And so, I shall celebrate this day in the same manner as my own birthday; I'll crawl into a dark corner and weep silently.

You know how I do.

Thanks for being here, and for supporting my little foray into nerd music and culture for the last twelve months. It means more to me than I could ever hope to put in words.

Hipster, please!: your source for nerds news and interviews… and counterintuitive jubilation.


ChurchHatesTucker said...

Apparently Discovery has taken the dubious position that search engines are 'publishing' their stuff, so that link has expired. Idiots.

Worse than idiots, because if you cut out the part of the link after the "html" it works fine.

Z. said...

That's totally odd. Silly Discovery! :/

Denika said...


next year we should have a monster multi-coast blowout to celebrate both mine and Hipster Please!'s birthdays together.

Z. said...

Only if you and Dennis promise to decorate the cake with tiny edible zombies, Denika. ;)

Rai said...

Hee, happy one year Z~~
And if you need pictures of Rai, just let me know~

Nerd Music's Glenn said...

Congrats on the milestone!

MC said...

I thought it was an odd series of coincidences that led to your list having me on it 9 times, but who am I to argue with your science? Anyways, congratulations on your first year, and enjoy those nude pictures of me!

Z. said...

Domo, Rai. I’ll holler at you later about some pics.

Thanks for the love, Glenn. Look for me over at your place with a cake and a paper hat come December to celebrate Nerd-Music’s first!

And yeah, mc, the list is all you, baby. All. you. :D