Monday, February 12, 2007

Nerd News in Brief

It’s Monday, and I am once again tucked away in my office being… well… nonproductive. Sure, I could get some real work done, shuffle some papers and whatnot, but I think I’d rather do some Nerd News in Brief. Won’t you join me?
  • Love the way you love: As mentioned previously, Karl “Ultraklystron” Olson will be joined by a garrison of his peers this Wednesday for the launch event for his new release Romance Language. The whole of the world is invited, and all of Seattle is expected to attend.
  • You asked me, so I asked him: So what has been going on in BC of late? By his own admission, nerdcore producer supreme Baddd Spellah is currently in the thick of working on MC Frontalot’s next album. Does this make anyone else all warm and happy in their nether-parts?
  • Wanted – New Moniker: First she was MC Fanatical. Then she was simply Fanatical. And now? Well, that’s anybody’s guess. Jaylyn is currently in the market for a new name under which to sling the rhymes. If you have one with low mileage and the remainder of the factory warranty in-tact, hit Fanatical up.
  • Rocking and Rowling: Nerdcore isn’t the only nerdy sub-genre getting the attention of documentarians. The Wizard Rockumentary examines the strange and fantastical world of those few, proud souls who devote their rock ‘n’ roll energy to matters Potter-related. Rock out with your wand out!
  • Lucky Lunar New Year Sale: In the event that you currently have a deficit of strange, nerdy, Japanese things in your life, I would like to direct you to Play Asia’s Lucky Lunar New Year Sale. Not only are there ridiculously low prices on more than 3000 discounted games, toys, and knickknacks, but each purchase of one of these items earns you the chance to win geek-tastic prizes including an Xbox 360, a Nintendo Wii, and a DS Lite. Click the banner below to check out Play Asia’s discounted wares. - H_TOP_CAT_SALE


ChurchHatesTucker said...

"Jaylyn" is a cool name. Why not go with that?

Great news about Spellah and Front. I have to take a cold shower now.

Z. said...

Oh yeah, Fanatical’s real name is better than anything any of us could probably make up.

Antisocial said...

What about "MC Jaylyn"? ;)

Z. said...

I was thinking "Jay-C," but there might just be too many references in there.

Baddd Spellah said...

I propose "Evil-Lyn"... like from He-Man.

Antisocial said...

The ideal artist name (or name for just about anything) is:

1) pertaining to the artist(s)

good: MC Frontalot
bad: The Postal Service (seriously, how did they come up with that?)

2) pertaining to the style of the music

good: Nine Inch Nails
bad: Goo Goo Dolls

3) short

good: Antisoc (which may be worth switching to)
bad: The Artist Formerly Known as Antisocial

good: Sting
bad: The Presidents of the United States of America

Z. said...

I had suggested “Lady Jay,” Spellah, but I think I like “Evil Lyn” more!

Those are words to live by, Soc. :D

Matt S said...

The ideal artist name (or name for just about anything) is:


3) short

I don't know, long names can be cool. 'Jackie-O Mother Fucker' is a fun name. 'Sunburned Hand of the Man' isn't a bad name either.

Though, 'Acid Mothers Temple & the Melting Paraiso U.F.O.' is a bit of a mouthful, 'Acid Mothers Temple & The Cosmic Inferno' isn't as bad.

OK, I need to stop thinking of bands with long names and actually do some work this morning.

Z. said...

I think there’s a fine line between a good long name and a bad long name.

Godspeed You Black Emperor? Good long band name.

…And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead? Not so good.

At some point you’re making the name long just to make it long.

matt s said...

You know I was thinking of both of those bands, then I decided to be obtuse and go for smaller bands.

I think the trick to long names is two fold,

1) Easy to shorten. Godspeed You! Black Emperor becomes godspeed. Jackie-O Mother Fucker (god I just love saying that name, go ahead, just say it out loud.) becomes Jackie-O, etc.

2) The name needs to fit. The problem with Trail of Dead is they don't fit their name. They are way to conventional to have a name like that. Now, some sort of free form nowave noise outfit? They could totally get away with a name like '...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead'. Not a band that name checks U2 when they sign to a major though.

Oh and I just thought of a third. It has to be pronounceable and memorable. Part of the problem with Acid Mothers Temple & the Melting Paraiso U.F.O. is half the time I can't remember it, and the other half of the time I can't remember how to pronounce Paraiso. AMT also breaks the first rule, since shortening it to just Acid Mothers Temple (as most people do) refers to at least three different 'groups' that are associated with the Acid Mothers Temple Soul Collective.

BTW, if you've never heard AMT, they are a great Japanese Psych group.

OK, I REALLY need to do some work now. Hmm... May be I'll get some lunch first.

Z. said...

I hear ya, Matt. A name needs to fit the sound of a band/artist. Unless you’re going for cutely ironic like Fluffy. But that’s kind of pushing it.