Friday, February 09, 2007

More Nerd News in Brief

After taking a day to recover from a robot overdose , I am back in the saddle again. Much like the late Gene Autry . Here's some nerd news you can use, and, truthfully, some you could probably do without. Which is which? Why, that's for you to decide!

  • Help a brother out : Tickets for the pivotal “secret” mc chris gig are half sold-out. This could be a career-defining show, so pre-order and be there as history is made! See mc strut his stuff in front of a room filled with important people in suits. Also, there may be pie.
  • Dead Circuits : Say goodbye to MCDJ and DJMC and hello to Philo Farnsworth and Mr. Fingers . After strutting their stuff at last month's nerdcore assault on Las Vegas , our favorite LA natives decided to retool their name to match their style, henceforth: Dead Circuits . Personally, I think they picked a winner.
  • Clash of the Titans : Though it's a –ways off, I think this still bears repeating : El Corazon in Seattle will play host to MC Lars , MC Frontalot , and Optimus Rhyme on April 18 th as part of the Beta Nerdcore Tour. Three words: holy fucking shit!
  • Pizza and comics : Emergency Pizza Party will be playing a free show on February 24 th at A Comic Shop in Winter Park , Florida . I love a venue that both sells comics and uses an indefinite article in the name.
  • Thankee, Sai : In other comic-related news, I would like to fervently recommend the first edition of Marvel's comic adaptation of Stephen King's The Dark Tower to fans of Mr. King , comics, sci-fi, fantasy, cowboys, epics, apocalyptic literature, allegory, words, and pictures. It's good. You should totally pick it up.
  • Oh, what a feeling : As one of those over exuberant lovers of the lunchbox , I'd like to say that the new 2008 Scion xB looks silly. And I don't mean silly in the delightfully angular manner of its first-generation predecessor. I mean silly like if Robocop fucked a Sherman Tank .
  • [dumbasses] :And lastly, my pal Church made his own version of the Adult Swim apology to the people of Boston . Truthfully, I think his is a bit more accurate.


ChurchHatesTucker said...

Ha! II was going to send you a link and you beat me to it. (Second time I was suprised to find my work on your site.)

I was afraid that they were going to mess the Scion up. It was a "love it or hate it" design to begin with. Now it's a "loathe it or hate it" design.

I love that Chris' show is "half sold-out." If I'm ever depressed, I'm going to give you a call.

Z. said...

I needed something fun to end MNNIB with, and your work always delivers, Church!

Yeah, I understand that there were a lot of people who didn’t dig the old, boxy design, but I think that even more will dislike the new model.

Actually, as much as I’d like to take credit, the “half sold-out” thing was mc’s line. I didn’t realize how funny it was until after I re-read the post.

Antisocial said...

Props on the vid, church.

Also, I'm going to go see MC Lars this weekend. Should be pretty cool.

ChurchHatesTucker said...

Thanks, AS. Tell Lars I said 'Hi" if you talk to him.

(and then remind him I did that slideshow video for "Download This Song" when he looks at you blankly...)

Z. said...

Yeah, Soc, hope you have a blast at the Lars show. If you wanna do a post-gig write-up, I’ll be happy to run it!

Denika said...

Wow, I glad Dennis and bought the old xB a couple of months ago. The new model totally loses all of its charm.

Denika said...

WTF, could I make any more typing mistakes? (note to self: no typing at 7:50 AM)

Z. said...

Hope you and Dennis enjoy your xB, Denika. I’ve got an '05 and I love it like a milkshake!