Monday, January 15, 2007

Nerd News In Brief

It’s a good time to be a nerd. There’s simply so much going on in nerdcore at present that it’s actually hard not to be excited. No matter where you’re located, there is surely some nerdy goodness coming your way in the near future.

The esteemed MC Frontalot has just announced that he will, once again, be touring this spring in conjunction with the release of his new album Songs From the Future. It gets better: said album will feature cover art by the equally esteemed Gabe. Better still: the tour will also feature, on its first leg, MC Lars, and headway is being made at including Optimus Rhyme in some of the west coast shows as well. Unfortunately, April is, alas, quite a ways away. (<-- I speak southern.)

For those of you looking for somewhere to go this week, may I humbly suggest moving that ass down to Pioneer Square in Seattle where this Friday Fuel will play host to Beefy, Ultraklystron, Nursehella, MC Tanuki, TG 2005, and an enigmatic “special guest.” Why should you be there? Shit, why should you not?!

Since this info, as grand as it is, doesn’t do much for those of us on the east coast, I shall offer a delightful conciliation prize in three parts.

Part, the 1st: Ringtones have been cleaved from a small but eclectic array of second-gen nerdcore classics by the noble Singed Long Int., and are offered free of charge from SLI’s Web site. Can we expect more? Who’s to say? But I do plan to do my part by badgering the hell out of SLI over the Nintendo Wii messaging service, “suggesting” that he whip up some more.

Part, the 2nd: There are a scarce few of a very, very limited run of original Nerdcore For Life t-shirts currently available to interested parties. This particular design has been scrapped for a number of reasons, which were recently detailed on the Rhyme Torrents board along with cost and contact information. While I’m not going to go so far as to tell you that these will become valuable collector’s items, I would recommend them to anyone who enjoys a good t-shirt and would like to own a little piece of nerdcore history.

Part, the 3rd: Lastly, I present what is my personal favorite piece of video footage from last week’s Beauty Bar show. It’s those lovable scamps from the Emergency Pizza Party performing their recent Song Fight!-winning track “Glutton.” This clip is dear to me for a number of reasons. First and foremost, the EPP are, geographically speaking, the closest thing I have to a nerdcore home team; whenever I sense a warm and tingly feeling coming from my immediate southeast, I know that the Party are doing their thang. Secondly, “Glutton” is a favorite track, and what I consider their best work to date. And lastly, the energy of said footage not only exemplifies everything that is right about my Florida brothers and sisters, but also visibly resonates with the extended nerdcore family present. Don’t believe me? Check out Karl at the end of the clip.


Doc Pop said...

"<-- I speak southern."
For some reason, I could totally imagine this on a t-shirt.

benjamin bear said...

hey, when did this video get posted? i missed it somehow.

steve said...

haha, epp owns all.



EPP Rules Everything Around You

Z. said...

Sure, Doc. That’ll be on the Drown Radio/Hipster, Please! “Hillbilly Nerd Network” t-shirts. :D

Yeah, Ben, I happened to catch it right after Dan posted it. I blogged about it while it was still fresh and piping hot.

EPPREAY? funk, I demand a mash-up. Pronto!