Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The (Nerd) Entertainment Capital of the World

Last night my nerdcore brothers and sisters from across the very breadth of the US (and Canada!) ripped shit up at The Beauty Bar in the City o’ Sin. Tonight they bring all their superfluous funk to the Consumer Electronics Show thanks to the fine folks from DivX, who are also behind this evening’s sneak preview of the Nerdcore For Life documentary

Yes, I’m well aware that everyone already knows this, but I just wanted to give a shout out to the crew and to tell them to break many-a leg. Furthermore, I wanted to wish Dan and his cohorts the best with regards to the screening.

I may not be there in body, but I am with you in spirit. Ben Kenobi-style.

Run tell ya mama!


Matt S said...

Didn't I hear something about the CES show being recorded for later broadcast on the web? Any word on that?

If I wasn't so slammed at work, I would have given a lot more thought to going to this. Especially since Nerdcore anywhere near DC is hopeless.

ChurchHatesTucker said...

Matt, I'm with you (and not far from you.) If there's going to be a webbish version, I'd expect this to show up on Stage6 (Z, make note. Google is your friend...)

Professor E said...

It would have be awesome to be there. damn spacetime

Z. said...

Damn spacetime, indeed. :(