Friday, December 29, 2006

Before I go...

The “top ten list” is the bread and butter of the blogosphere. This visible shorthand both heralds the passing of another year and proclaims that the writer in question has completely fucking run out of ideas. But here at Hipster, please! I like to do things a little different.

I make no secret of the things that I dig. Furthermore, I make no effort to hide the fact that these opinions are my own and your tastes may well differ. That’s a given. So, rather than recap my favorite songs or albums or what-have-you in this, my final post of 2006, I’d instead like to take a moment to thank everyone who’s helped me keep this blog afloat over the past year. Admittedly, I’m not moving mountains here, but the following friends and contributors make it difficult for even my staggering level of personal dedication to sloth and procrastination to reign unchecked.

Most gracious thanks go out to the nerd girl panel (Nikki, Paige, Amy, and Regann), Karl Olson, Rai Kamishiro, djpretzel of OCR, and Baddd Spellah for taking the time to talk to me for the sake of my meager monthly features. An extra special thank you goes out to the one and only MC Frontalot for giving me my first interview, and for being such a good sport about my giddy fanboyism.

Furthermore, I’d like to especially thank Beefy for not only agreeing to an interview but for supplying me with storage and bandwidth for RFH as well as the tons of support and kind words I’ve received from the JALP crew (the members of which have been previously mentioned save for the legendary Jones McFly).

Likewise, I can’t possibly thank High-C (of Rhyme Torrents) enough for the constant flow of traffic he has sent my way. He’s got the heart of an artist and the guile of a promoter, and that, friends, is a killer combination.

I’d like to thank ChurchHatesTucker, Doc Pop, Antisocial, and Ben Bear for both taking the time to post their comments and for going out of their way to share their new projects with me.

I gotta give it up to the likes of funky49, Super Dragon X, and DJ Snyder for always being willing to shoot the shit with me via email, and for answering my nigh constant stream of (annoying) questions about their work.

I’d like to thank MC Router, Oddioblender, and everyone else who’s given me voice snippets and background music for the podcast. Those are always the hardest parts of each episode to pin down, so thanks for your time.

Thanks to artists like Former Fat Boys, STOVOKOR, Wordburlgar, Game Over, Totally Radd!, and My Parent Favorite Music for reminding me that there are a ton of established acts out there with a nerdy swagger that I somehow managed to miss.

And let me not forget my boys Jon, Brüx, and Darth_Apu: lingering high school chums who continually lower themselves to reading my rambling on a regular basis.

But mostly, let me thank you. Whether you’re a regular reader or just some cat who stumbled here via a link from some generous stranger, I appreciate your time.

May good fortune, good times, and fair drink prices follow you into this New Year.


ChurchHatesTucker said...

Hmmmmm. Your shout out to STOVOKOR et al. made me think, how about a non-nerdcore episode of HP? All of the geek-rock (acoustic, acapella, whatever) that's floating out there. All the ones you mentioned plus (off the top of my head) No Kill I, The Four Eyes, etc.

benjamin bear said...

thanks for giving me something to read while i take tech calls. ^_^

darth_apu said...

thanks for remembering a brother. you've listened to/read my ramblings for years & yours are a hell of a lot more meaningful than mine. you have opened yet another door for me this year & i've done my best to open a few windows for others.
we gotta pull a lunch soon.
love, peace & chicken grease,

Z. said...

I’ve been kicking around the idea of an all nerd rock RFH for a while, Church, but I have been afraid to commit. Now that I know at least one other person has had the same idea, I reckon I’ll have to go ahead and do it. :D

Glad to do it, Ben. I’m all about helping listeners be less productive at work.

Thanks for sharing the love, d_a. I’ glad to know you’re out there spreading the nerd word.