Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Nerd News in Brief

Now that I have shaken off my Thanksgiving stupor, I’ve elected to drop a little Nerd News in Brief on your collective ass. I’ve got a couple of other projects percolating (namely this month’s blog feature and the penultimate RFH podcast of 2006), so hopefully this’ll keep you entertained until such a time as those are hatched. Hey, I do what I can.

  • In addition to the forthcoming projects from Beefy and Ultraklystron, YTCracker also has a new album dropping in the near future. Nerd Life should be available from the fine folks at Nerdy South Records soon, or, as we say in the actual nerdy south, d’reckly.
  • There’s been a lot of love directed squarely at old Z. of late. In an odd piece of post-modern serendipity, the latest edition of JALP featured an extended segment during which my bro Jones McFly discussed a Hipster, please! blog post about… well… Jones McFly and JALP. It was like the audio equivalent of a form constant. Only warm and fuzzy. By the same token, my Florida home-skillet funky49 recently requested the cacophonous tones of my jarring drawl in a song he was working on. The track (called “Hurricane Love”) could be aptly described as a nerdcore hillbilly sex romp with strong meteorological undertones. I provide the voice of Carl Ray, the congested, disinterested, and totally fictitious weatherman of Virginia’s WHSP.
  • While waiting in line at her local Best Buy to purchase the Nintendo Wii, MC Router decided to amuse herself (and her fellow fanboys/girls) with a little impromptu DDR, some friendly interviews, and even a bit of Emulation Station. The footage itself is a little dark, but it is fun none-the-less.
  • If you (like Router and myself) are one of the lucky ones who currently have a Nintendo Wii in your possession and you’d like to take a picture of said system and its peripherals shoved down your pants, have I got news for you! CAG redgopher is currently soliciting for (non-pornographic) images for a site tentatively called “Wii In My Pants.” You know you want to.
  • In other trouser-related gaming news, Germany has recently launched its first magazine directed specifically at female gamers. The weirdest part is that Play Vanilla is directed at casual female gamers… whom, I can’t imagine, actually need or want a magazine of their own. Step in the right direction or shameless cash-in? You be the judge.

Is that enough nerd news for you? I sure hope so, ‘cause daddy’s tired and needs a nap. I reckon that means said stupor is back on. Such is my cross to bear.


Antisocial said...

Hmm... I'm kinda scared to order a copy of Nerd Life for fear that YTC will jack my account. And by account, I mean cc.

Z. said...

Poor YT; hoisted by his own keel! ;)