Friday, August 18, 2006

Radio Free Hipster Ep. 4: PAX Americana

I am an indecisive twat when it comes to the whens and hows of putting together a RFH episode. Early this week I completed episode 4 because I knew I wouldn’t have time to do another ep. for a while due to the crush of work that coincides with the start of fall semester. And yet, when I realized that the episode I did do wasn’t the episode I should have done, I still managed to find time to completely re-do it. Ain’t that some shit?
I really do hate the fact that I can’t attend PAX, but I don’t begrudge you. Y’all just be sure to have a little extra fun on my behalf. And maybe drink a little extra for me. Then I’ll be fine.
This ep. runs a little short. Consider this penance for last week’s super-sized offering. As always, comments are appreciated and encouraged.
Download Radio Free Hipster Ep. 4: PAX Americana Size: 35.5 MB Running Time: 38:49

Radio Free Hipster Ep. 4: PAX Americana Show Notes
Intro track: Front – “Penny Arcade Theme
This one was a no-brainer. How else do you start a PAX-themed podcast? I’ve already seen Front once this year, but I’d kill to see him perform again!

Z’s 1st interlude: “The importance of Gabe and Tycho”
Penny Arcade and PAX are nerd culture icons. That’s really all I can say about ‘em.

Track 1: Video Game Pianist – “The Legend of Zelda 1 – Level Themes
My crystal ball tells me that people will mock my pronunciation of the word pianist. I was completely blown away the first time I came across a clip of Martin playing. Truthfully, I still am.

Track 2: mc chris – “Geek”
My original take on Ep. 4 was “The Aggro Ep.” and somehow this song didn’t make it to the list. But the mc classic did show up here. The world is funny sometime.

Track 3: The Minibosses – “Castlevania 3”
My wife hates this song. Mostly because it makes it onto all of my roadtrip CDs. She’s not one for instrumentals. The ‘Bosses site looks to be down right now (pre-PAX traffic spike?), but try ‘em later for free tracks.

Z’s 2nd interlude: “Post-PAX goodness”
This link says it all. Be there.

Track 4: MC Frontalot vs. Karl Olson – “Front the Most (Ultrastep Mix)
As mentioned above, the all nerdcore show at the Shark Club will rock your taint. For those of you lacking taints, this show will rock so fervently as to spontaneously craft a rudimentary taint for you which it will then rock the fuck off.

Tracks 5 & 6: NESkimos – “Contra Code” & “Contra Jungle
The only thing better than a band with a clever name is a band with a clever name that has the talent and charisma to back it up. NESkimos are such a band.

Track 7: Optimus Rhyme – “Obey the Moderator
Another Rhyme Torrents gem. As previously mentioned, Optimus may have quite possibly been the first nerdcore I ever heard. I envy you lucky fuckers who get to see ‘em live.

Z’s final interlude: “Bring me somethin’ nice”
I expect PAX-related goodies from each of you who attend. My mailing address will be provided upon request. ;)

Track 8: Mike Relm: “Relm and Josie with Attitude”
I like the fact that Gabe and Tycho elected to deviate a little from the expected. You can find nerds, nerd appeal, and nerd love in the strangest of places. In fact, that’s one of the core beliefs that power this podcast. Check out Mike’s site for this and other interesting tracks.
EDIT: It appears as though Relm has cancelled. What a pissa!

And that, as they say, is that. Thanks for listening, and don’t hesitate to share your thoughts. And if I missed any PAX artists, let me know. I’m but one simple man, and am thus not infallible. I am actually quite… fallible… which is to say… I fall… a lot… No… wait.

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