Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A picture is worth a thousand nerds

Pix from the World’s Fist All Nerdcore Hip-Hop Show are currently available over at crapbots.com, and it appears as though a good time was had by all. Beefy took the stage for the first time, Karl got it on DDR-style, Rai unveiled a new track, Monzy made a last-minute appearance, FSR brought a flock of nerdcore faithful, and YT and the Spamtec crew took it home in world-class style. MC Frontalot and members of Optimus Rhyme even stopped by to show their support.

The images literally drip with nerd love. So take ‘em in and kick yourself for not showing up. Failing that, doctor up a picture or two and make up your own outlandish tales of nerdcore debauchery!

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