Wednesday, August 23, 2006

As if PAX wasn’t enough

All you west coast nerd-boys and girlies are doubtlessly packing away your dice and MC Frontalot tees even as I type this. You’re all flush and giddy just thinking about the gaming and the guests and the… Gabe.

Yes, PAX is bearing down on us all like a great big honkin' truck. And what could be better than the biggest, bestest, more nerderrific convention of them all? Well, all that and a FREE post-PAX gig at The Shark Club featuring some of your favorite nerdcore artists and put together by the fine folks behind the Nerdcore for Life documentary. Of course, I’ve already spoken at length about this. So you’re all assuming that old Z. doesn’t have any more good news to spread, no more surprises to unveil, no more tricks, as they say, up the sleeve.

Not true.

Do you like booze? Do you like video games? Do you like Nerdcore News? Of course you do!

How would you like to hang out with the crew of the latter while reveling in the hedonistic glee of the former? Do I even have to ask?

Gabriel and Syn have put out an open call to all friends and fanboys in the Bellevue area for PAX. It would appear as though they plan to rally the troops to descend, locust-style, on the nearest GameWorks and enjoy such touted specials as the $10 all-night play special and $2 Jäger shots. Don’t’ believe me? See for yourself!

So recap: those of you headed Bellevue-way for PAX can start the weekend early with the Nerdcore News crew Thursday PM, rock out with Gabe and Tycho Friday through Sunday, and then catch the world's first All Nerdcore Hip-Hop Show before heading back to your respective homes Sunday evening.

We are truly living in a golden age.

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