Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The evilest geek of them all \m/\m/

If the media is to be believed (and fuck knows that’s a crapshoot), then today is the most malevolent day of the whole of this millennium. Of course I couldn’t let that slip by without at least some mention. While some will spend this day locked in their closets of prayer and others still wile away their hours in more diligent pursuits, I’ve decided to use this day to honor one among our number who is generally overlooked by the nerd community at large.

Since Black Sabbath first cranked out a song about a mutated time-traveler on a blood-thirsty rampage across the world he had originally set out to preserve, heavy metal has had an unseen, often unmentioned, nerd element. So today, on good ol’ 6~6~6, I would like to honor Anthrax's Scott Ian; metal’s premiere closet geek.

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingFrom the early days of Anthrax, where the band named-checked the likes of the then-independent (and quite entertaining) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and (pre-Stallone) Judge Dread comic books, Scotty and the boys seemed to have a fine eye for geekery. And anyone keeping score at home (read: anyone who’s watched any of the abundance of VH1 list shows aired in the past three years) knows that Ian never relinquished his nerdly ways. Whether he’s talking toys on television or geeking out about Battlestar Galactica on the Thraxcast, Scott Ian continues to let his geek flag fly.

For always sticking close to his roots and for letting the world know that there was nothing wrong with enjoying heavy metal, rap, and comic books, Hispter, please! bestows upon Scotty Ian Rosenfeld (He gets extra nerd points just for being a Jew!) the mantle of "Metal-Geek Defender of the Faith." May you always find succor and solace within the haven that is your local comic book retailer and may all your saving throws be successful.

-- nerdus antea, nerdus modo, nerdus eternus --

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