Thursday, January 26, 2006

Ain’t that some shit?!

After months of speculation and hearsay Nintendo has announced the redesign of the Nintendo DS. It’s slimmer, it’s sleeker, it’s… Ipod-ey?

Screw it, here’s a pic:


Ross said...

Another rehash? Well, I'm certainly not surpised - this is coming from Nintendo, after all.

I'll stick with my Teal DS.

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Z. said...

Nintendo sure does love to put out a handheld only to tweak it a year or so later and re-release! And while I did purchase a GBA and a GBA SP, I don’t know if the cosmetic alterations of the DS Lite (which sounds a bit too much like a diet drink for my taste) warrants another purchase, especially with the Revolution’s rumored launch of this Thanksgiving looming ever closer.

Unfortunately, the gadget-guy that dwells deep within my psyche compels me to make rash purchases of shiny items emblazoned with the Nintendo logo. I’ll just have to see if I can stave him of this time.