Friday, October 14, 2005

Mid-Week MP3

Okay, I guess this one is an End of Week MP3, but hey, sometime life gets you like that. I'll be continuing our festive theme, but this week I’ll shift gears a bit. Last week Murder City Devils regaled us with a tale of war and loss and an untimely hanging. This week we head into the murky waters of punk rock vampires, compliments of Ink & Dagger.

This band of Philadelphia blood suckers hit the scene in 1996, with and odd mix of blazing guitars and pancake makeup that somehow delighted the notoriously fickle hardcore audience. Within a few years the band had changed their look and sound to something more progressive and much less kitschy, eventually dispending amid much fanfare in 1999. Less than a year later, frontman Sean McCabe was found dead in an Indiana hotel room – the result of an excessive drinking binge.

Another rock ‘n’ roll tragedy, but, thankfully, the music lives on. With that said, please kick back and enjoy The Road to Hell, from the 1997 release Drive This Seven Inch Wooden Stake through My Philadelphia Heart. Much of Ink & Dagger’s library remains in print, and you can get a bit more of the band’s history (and merch) over at Buddyhead.

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Ink & Dagger – The Road to Hell

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