Tuesday, August 30, 2005

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A Deadsy fan, or as the band might refer to him: one of the Legions, once described the group to me as “completely unmarketable.” This is both an apt description and a damn shame, as the sound and the very concept of the band is nigh indescribably unique.

Deadsy is probably best known as the pet project of frontman/lyricist/guitarist Elijah Blue Allman, the son of Cher and Dwayne Allman. Rounding out the band is bassist Creature, Dr. Nner on synth, Alec Püre on percussion, and Carlton Megalodon on a delightful little instrument called the Ztar, which is a basically jacked-up MIDI guitar controller. This unique makeup allows for music that is simultaneously dark, ethereal, heavy, and melodic.

A common observer might call the sound Goth (more Type O Negative or Orgy Goth than The Cure or Bauhaus Goth), but the band insists that their low and dissonant style of music is "Undercore." This distinctive aural presentation, coupled with a lyrical predilection for sci-fi, the occult, and odd pop culture references, is only matched by the truly bizarre conceptual image flaunted by the band.

Each member is representative of a color and an element (or “Entity”) which drives society. For their 2002 album Commencement, this took the form of creepy prep school uniform that each member customized with his own shade and sigil. This gave the impression of a cabal of the idle rich freed from the trappings of mortal life to pursue some preternatural, haunting truth. It also made them look quite dapper for a Rock ’n’ Roll band.

The band has recently shifted away from the “boys’ club” look of their previous work as they prepare for the immanent release of their new album Phantasmagore, presumably on Dreamworks Records. Their Web site has change accordingly, and now sports a new take on the ubiquitous television test pattern of old.

In the meantime, Commencement is still available from retailers in its official 2002 incarnation (from whence this track hails) and, for those of you looking for something a little more raw, a less-than-official 1999 release of the album exists that supposedly sports extra tracks. Band merchandise for the new album is also available.

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Deadsy -- Winners

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