Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Mid-Week MP3

With this, the inaugural week of Hipster, Please! well under way, I have opted to add what I hope to be a regular feature to my blog. The Mid-Week MP3 will be an opportunity for me to provide a little aural treat to the world at large. However, I want to do this without creating any sort of controversy, so let me take a moment to drop the following disclaimer:

1modernboy humbly requests that you use these MP3s solely as a means of evaluation. If you like what you hear, please buy records, CDs, t-shirts, or other merchandise to support this band/artist and his/her/their label-mates. Seeing them live probably wouldn’t be a bad idea either.
Should the features artist, or the related label or distributor take issue with my inclusion of the song file, please don’t hesitate to contact me, so that the offending file can be removed.

With that being said, this week’s track is Sweepstakes Prize by Mirah. It's freely available elsewhere, so I doubt there's any harm.
Mirah Yom Tov Zeitlyn is a singer/songwriter from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania currently residing in Olympia, Washington. She is presently on the K Records roster, along with artists such as Beat Happening and Dub Narcotic Sound System. This track is from her first K album You Think It's Like This But Really It's Like This (available at Amazon).

Sweepstakes Prize is a song that is breezy, minimalist, and solidly beautiful. It features a vibrant, concussive, but almost understated guitar lead, and very little other instrumentation aside from Mirah’s own sugary vocals. For more on Mirah, proceed to the K Records Web site. Download and enjoy.

Mirah -- Sweepstakes Prize (zipped via Winzip)

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